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93 Bronco time again!

 bronco souther heights ipa

One of our favorite local OJ themed IPA was released again,  93 Bronco, The release event featured footage of OJ on the LA highway as the police trailed. 

southern heights ipa neipa austin  bronco julius clone ipa 

southern heights austin crawfish boil 

Kat enjoyed the crawfish. 

smash bros tournament austin wlhs  

#1 son hosted a gamer tournament here at the house. Several stations were set up and they spent the day on Smash Bros.  

gojiera the japanese chin stepdog goji

Stepdog Goji is here for a brief stay while his Mom makes a quick business trip to Dallas. 


I had been unsuccessful in starting the mower this spring. This yard is hard on mowers as there are many stumps that sneak up on it. I eventually took the carb apart as best I could, reassembled as best I could, and it started right up. 

old porsche stable 

The Throttle Position Sensor on the 951 was not cooperating. I disconnected it, cleaned all the contacts and put it back together. It's working correctly again.

Unofficial SXSW starts up later this week. I think it's going to be an interesting time to be alive. 


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