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January 28, 2019

Toyota, Corolla, SuperStar at the Contemporary

TC Superstar band austin art LB Flett dancer


We attended the Members rooftop party at the Contemporary. TC Superstar were so much fun to watch. Food was provided by Pink Avocado, all delicious. It was one of their better parties.

Janine Antoni  at contemporary art jones center austin 

sway westlake rooftop austin  

We met friends on the Sway Westlake rooftop. 

sway rooftop wine westlake bee cave rd austin thai  

hi sign brewery austin  

We made the can release for NO SCOOTERS DIPA at Hi Sign. 

austin no scooters dipa hi sign 

goji the brewery dog 

Goji is staying with us this week. He also enjoyed a stop at Pinthouse. I worked on my college homework assignment on the patio as it was a beautiful day.  

goji at pinthouse design homework 

We have been busy trying to get rid of "extra stuff". 

midcentury modern stereo case study house 21 pierre koenig replica 

This stereo cabinet is TEN feet long. It's a replica of the one from Case Study House #21 (Pierre Koenig). I've had people that love it, want to buy it, but it's not easy to find space for a ten foot long stereo cabinet.  

MCM Telefunken stereo console 

I don't need the telefunken stereo console either... 

modern glass mosaic tile 

I've sold a few odd batches of leftover tile from my days as an importer... 

shadowplay accidental art  

sometimes beauty shows up in surprising places, even in the shadows.  

January 21, 2019

Driveway, a developed path for vehicles to access the garage from the road

buckeye trail road construction 78746

We've lived in a construction zone for more than a year. They finally moved on to the road in front of our house. They removed it, and lowered it by two feet. 

buckeye trail 78746 west lake hills 

We've been parking up the street and walking in for a week now.  

mailbox buckeye traul west lake hills tx 

As it is now, the mailman will need a step stool to reach the mailbox as it's now two feet up from standard height. They've pledged to relocate the mailbox to the correct height and distance from the curb.

driveway construction buckeye trl 

The driveway didn't mate up with the new lowered street level. So they removed the old driveway and regraded it.  

It's not a small thing.  



The new design has some impressive curbing to retain our current landscaping.  

new driveway 


The concrete has to cure for 48 hours before we can drive across it. That first journey over it will happen in a couple hours from now. It'll be good to be able to access our home without walking through the woods and parking up the street. The weekly Costco and PHP stop will be improved coming home to a finished driveway.  


Anything for a buck... Mr Goji's day at AMH

Goji chin dog

My "Anything for a Buck" business has expanded into dog sitting. Mr Goji spent some time here this week. I've never met a dog so uninterested in going outside. The big test was to see how he reacted to Kay-so the cat, and how she reacted to him.  

goji and kay-so 

Goji looked at Kay-so, and stretched. Kay-so was alarmed at first, but then just sniffed Goji. And that was it.... he went and laid down on his blankie and Kay-so quietly observed him for a while.  

January 14, 2019

Garage: a place to park automobiles

Our garage has been a bit of a problem and embarrassment. Some of this was caused from storing construction materials from over a decade ago. The rest became a mess of disorganization. We were gifted some shelving units. This prompted us to pull everything out and evaluate what can be sold or donated.

metal table furniture fabrication west lake hills tx 78746 

This is an outdoor coffee table I'd started. I later decided it was TOO large, I was about to cut it up for scrap to make room. BUT!....

custom furniture westlake 78746 

A few careful cuts, and a few new welds... I like it again. I can move forward with it now.

bmw 2002 1972 vintage  

The 72 BMW 2002 hasn't seen regular use for a few years. The sunroof cables had broken. I finally dug it out and treated some rust inside the roof with POR15 and took it to Sayther to get the cables replaced (not cheap).

vintage bmw austin 

misc nuts and bolts 

A long time ago.... I parted out a car or two. I've had several project cars and builds of things that resulted in a few boxes of misc bolts and construction fasteners I had kept "just in case". One of Kat's hobbies is Hyper Organization. I took her to Harbor Freight where she bought some storage containers. She spent most of a whole day sorting all the nuts, bolts, screws, and various fasteners.

nut and bolt organization 

I have a few boxes to drop off at Re-Store and various charities around town. But we did accomplish our goal. 

garage cleaning 

I sold that old telefunken cabinet and some glass tile that was just taking up space. I think we can finally get around to parking two cars in our two car garage! 

January 07, 2019

Wings, Arancini and a beer share

We try to make the most use out of the gallons of peanut oil required for the holiday season turkey fry. We enjoyed our annual chicken wing and beer share this weekend.

arancini fried rice balls  

Kat made a batch of mushroom Arancini for the fry. They were delicious. I love those balls.


It was just cool enough to have a fire.  

Austin ModHouse 78746 

I was too busy frying, and saucing wings to get pics. I made six batches (15 wings per) with six different sauces. The red Thai curry, roasted garlic and lemon zest were fun additions to the regular buffalo sauce. The green Thai curry with coconut cream could've used more spice.



beer photography and beer portraiture 78746 austin westlake paul schuster 

I'm still doing the beer portraiture... Do you have a special beer you'd like documented in portraiture? Get to me with your ideas. I'm sure we can work something out...  

NYE sparkler fun

I declined fireworks this year as they are illegal and I lost interest in staying up till midnight. Sparklers at 10 PM was close enough with just the right amount of sparkle and risk.




The risk was too great for #2 son. He recoiled and quit his sparkler pretty quickly. #1 son declined to participate at all. We had offered to buy him a "gaming computer and gaming monitor" if he succeeded all A on his report card. His semester average was over 100 (AP classes are weighted). He got his computer and we lost our son to it (Joke, sort of). He now has even less interest in leaving the house/his room.

January 03, 2019

New Years 2019

We spent New Years Eve at home. I was thankful to not stay up to watch the clock reach midnight. My Mom came over and we had a nice family meal.

deviled eggs 

We made a load of deviled eggs. Some were boxed up for New Years Day parties.  

last sunset of 2018 

The final sunset of year 2018 did not disappoint.

giant tomahawk steak sous vide 

We had a giant tomahawk steak. I put it in the sous vide for four hours at 131F and did a reverse sear.

tomahawk steak sous vide reverse sear 

The six of us failed to consume it all.

New Years Day parties are my favorite.

Veuve Clicquot Bucket 

We attended a fancy Bubbles party, we hauled our Veuve Clicquot bucket along. We ate pozole, collard greens and black eyed peas with friends.





party skeleton and creepy guy 

It was a good first day of the year.  


January 02, 2019

Dallas in 40 hours

celestial beerworks hazy ipa dallas neipa tx

We did our usual quick trip to Dallas after Christmas. We visited the DMA, redeemed a certificate at North Park Center (mall). But mostly we went to spend time with friends and check out a new brewery we've been anticipating. The hazy/juicy neipa style beer from Celestial was very good! We had an amazing spread that included several pounds of sausage and cheese. We had so much fun!

celestial beer works brewing dallas tx microbrewery 

We also made a visit to Turning Point. We took the same massive picnic kit from the night before. We were well prepared.  

turning point hazy neip ipa beer dallas tx bedford 

Turning Point is SO GOOD! 

mystery warehouse  

We checked out a warehouse space in the Design District. I'm not saying I will live there, but I would... I liked it a lot.  

dallas green neon skyscraper 

Even the alley behind had a great view.  


joy division love will tear us apart poster bill's records 

From the original Bill's Records, where we bought all our music back in the 80's.  


Kat and I went on a late night stroll to check out all the amazing Christmas decorations in downtown Dallas.  


downtown dallas christmas lights 2018 

christmas in dallas 2018 

#2 son made a video, or vlog entry on his youtube chanel. He did a great job, but the volume should be turned down, down ALL the way before you attempt to play it... the soundtrack he chose is more than slightly annoying. His idea was to emulate what the Otamatone voice would sound like... it's a fun video, no fun audio.