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February 25, 2019

The Last Happy Hour

sway westlake chicken wings

President's Day 2019, those were some good chicken wings. We took the kids to Sway for Happy Hour and snacks.  

grumpy #2 son happy hour 

Have you ever seen one of those movies where the main characters are hit with a series of unlikely catastrophe, in such a short time and rapid succession, that it seems comical? 

Like the check engine light comes on, then the home A/C compressor dies, then trees start falling in your back yard, your roof needs the snow shoveled off, the thermostats go rogue and run up the heating bill... then the refrigerator compressor starts to make a funny sound and the projector in the media room dies... Now we all resemble #2 son in the pic above.

My rainy day fund takes the form of physical objects, or "things". I've been busy converting things, into funds.  

FPS BMW 2002tii italy wheel F.P.S. vintage 

early porsche 911t long hood fuchs wheel 

porsche 944 85.5 Glacier Blue Metallic, code LY5U 


#2 son helped me with some video to prepare the 944 for ebay. He's quite active on youtube and has gotten quite good at his editing and story telling.  

February 18, 2019

I heart you

It's been busy, but mostly uneventful.

Valentine's day was observed with a broken heart shaped meatloaf (it's that sort of year).

broken heart shaped meatloaf 

valentines day card custom

#2 son was going to skip on passing out Valentine's Day cards to his class. This is the last year he has the opportunity to do so. He had a change of heart once I suggested making custom cards. He used an image of an actual heart. We printed them out from the photo center at Costco to retain all the gory details. He's really benefited from the programs I've downloaded to use in my Design class.  

home made plum jelly from Vermont Jeffersonville Norm! 

I had a surprise gift box from my friend Norm in VT land at my door this week. It was loaded up with new VT beers that have been released since I was there last. He also included a jar of jelly made from his plum tree. I'm really excited and thankful for that care package.  

crispy waves PHP Ipa  

My friend Dave gave me a 4-Pk of Pinthouse first ever can release. Crispy Waves is good, but I feel it could be better.  

kitty cohen's pool east side bar 

Austin Mod House artchitect Mark Meyer was at Kitty Cohen's this weekend, selling Po-Boys. We stopped by to grab some quick lunch. He's real good about always doing new things. That's the secret to a happy life, don't get bored.  

FPS Italian 2002tii wheels F.P.S. BMW 

I'm prepping to sale these super rare wheels. For years, I've refused all the emails of people wanting to buy them. But this is the year for letting go. These were a dealer option for BMW 2002tii purchased in Italy. There are a few people that have found they have one, in the their spare tire well. For those unfortunate souls that are seeking to get their car back to 100% stock (as it was new), these are hard to come by.  

Black Star Co-Op beer by ranch 99 

We've rediscovered Black Star Co-Op. It happens to be directly across from Ranch 99 (Asian food grocery). We now have this and their delicious chicken wings to compliment a trip to load up on dumplings and such.  

design problem #2 Paul Schuster ACC

I'm fairly certain I've not been following directions in my design class. My work may not solve "The Design Problem". But it's certainly something for discussion during the class critique. I enjoy the other students as well. The class does have more homework than most of us expected. I'll take my giant Bristol Board Pad to PHP later today, for homework.

February 11, 2019

Alita Experience

Alita Battle Angel Experience Austin

Kat and I had tickets to the Alita Experience. We've not seen the movie. I've seen some of it from behind the scenes when it was filmed here. I doubt you can find me in the movie, I'm in the big motorball scene.

Alita Experience Kansas Bar Austin Cyborg Beer 

We had a beer at the Kansas bar while we waited for our other team members. They turned out to be guys that used to work at Zynga and we knew some of the same people. We had a fun team!  


There are a series of challenges and areas to explore. The goal is to get credits to use for gambling.  

alita experience austin 

alita robot  


Our team was not a top point earner, but we placed our bet well based on a tip I received. We finished at a respectable 4th place.  


#alitaexperience #alitabattleangel 

Drums and Dancing at Carnaval Austin 2019

carnaval austin 2019

carnaval austin 2019 dancing girls samba 

austin samba school carnaval 2019 


We only stayed for the Samba portion of the event. The drums and dancing girls never disappoint.  

Kat's cat hat 

February 04, 2019


#1 son had his traditional lunch with friends at Gourdoughs.


He requested sushi for dinner with a friend.


G2 rollerball pens for 16th birthday  

We went to Edie V's for Superbowl and he received his first Birthday gift (a box of his favorite pen, G2 Rollerball)


This is the third Superbowl we've gone to Edie V's. It was not as enjoyable as years past. We will likely find a new option for Superbowl 2020.  

Austin ModHouse 

It's been a while since I took a real picture of the house. This is not a good example, but I'm just warming up... 

Can you change a tire?

We observed a Tesla on the side of the road. A service vehicle was behind it. The owner stood by and watched as a tech did something with the rear tire. I mentioned that many people today don't know how to change a tire. It turns out the Tesla doesn't even have a spare tire.

#2 son said he'd like to learn. Lucky for him it was new wheel week for the vintage BMW. 

1972 bmw 2002 fps wheels 

He learned to operate the jack... 


He got the old wheels off.

breaker bar 

New ones on and lug nuts torqued down in a star or criss-cross pattern.  

torquing the lug nuts with a breaker bar  


austin print expo 

We also attended the Austin Print Expo. I've been interested in wood block printing. It was great to see some amazing examples of this done on a large scale.