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February 11, 2019

Alita Experience

Alita Battle Angel Experience Austin

Kat and I had tickets to the Alita Experience. We've not seen the movie. I've seen some of it from behind the scenes when it was filmed here. I doubt you can find me in the movie, I'm in the big motorball scene.

Alita Experience Kansas Bar Austin Cyborg Beer 

We had a beer at the Kansas bar while we waited for our other team members. They turned out to be guys that used to work at Zynga and we knew some of the same people. We had a fun team!  


There are a series of challenges and areas to explore. The goal is to get credits to use for gambling.  

alita experience austin 

alita robot  


Our team was not a top point earner, but we placed our bet well based on a tip I received. We finished at a respectable 4th place.  


#alitaexperience #alitabattleangel 

Drums and Dancing at Carnaval Austin 2019

carnaval austin 2019

carnaval austin 2019 dancing girls samba 

austin samba school carnaval 2019 


We only stayed for the Samba portion of the event. The drums and dancing girls never disappoint.  

Kat's cat hat 

February 04, 2019


#1 son had his traditional lunch with friends at Gourdoughs.


He requested sushi for dinner with a friend.


G2 rollerball pens for 16th birthday  

We went to Edie V's for Superbowl and he received his first Birthday gift (a box of his favorite pen, G2 Rollerball)


This is the third Superbowl we've gone to Edie V's. It was not as enjoyable as years past. We will likely find a new option for Superbowl 2020.  

Austin ModHouse 

It's been a while since I took a real picture of the house. This is not a good example, but I'm just warming up... 

Can you change a tire?

We observed a Tesla on the side of the road. A service vehicle was behind it. The owner stood by and watched as a tech did something with the rear tire. I mentioned that many people today don't know how to change a tire. It turns out the Tesla doesn't even have a spare tire.

#2 son said he'd like to learn. Lucky for him it was new wheel week for the vintage BMW. 

1972 bmw 2002 fps wheels 

He learned to operate the jack... 


He got the old wheels off.

breaker bar 

New ones on and lug nuts torqued down in a star or criss-cross pattern.  

torquing the lug nuts with a breaker bar  


austin print expo 

We also attended the Austin Print Expo. I've been interested in wood block printing. It was great to see some amazing examples of this done on a large scale.