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Can you change a tire?

We observed a Tesla on the side of the road. A service vehicle was behind it. The owner stood by and watched as a tech did something with the rear tire. I mentioned that many people today don't know how to change a tire. It turns out the Tesla doesn't even have a spare tire.

#2 son said he'd like to learn. Lucky for him it was new wheel week for the vintage BMW. 

1972 bmw 2002 fps wheels 

He learned to operate the jack... 


He got the old wheels off.

breaker bar 

New ones on and lug nuts torqued down in a star or criss-cross pattern.  

torquing the lug nuts with a breaker bar  


austin print expo 

We also attended the Austin Print Expo. I've been interested in wood block printing. It was great to see some amazing examples of this done on a large scale.  

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