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Toyota, Corolla, SuperStar at the Contemporary

TC Superstar band austin art LB Flett dancer


We attended the Members rooftop party at the Contemporary. TC Superstar were so much fun to watch. Food was provided by Pink Avocado, all delicious. It was one of their better parties.

Janine Antoni  at contemporary art jones center austin 

sway westlake rooftop austin  

We met friends on the Sway Westlake rooftop. 

sway rooftop wine westlake bee cave rd austin thai  

hi sign brewery austin  

We made the can release for NO SCOOTERS DIPA at Hi Sign. 

austin no scooters dipa hi sign 

goji the brewery dog 

Goji is staying with us this week. He also enjoyed a stop at Pinthouse. I worked on my college homework assignment on the patio as it was a beautiful day.  

goji at pinthouse design homework 

We have been busy trying to get rid of "extra stuff". 

midcentury modern stereo case study house 21 pierre koenig replica 

This stereo cabinet is TEN feet long. It's a replica of the one from Case Study House #21 (Pierre Koenig). I've had people that love it, want to buy it, but it's not easy to find space for a ten foot long stereo cabinet.  

MCM Telefunken stereo console 

I don't need the telefunken stereo console either... 

modern glass mosaic tile 

I've sold a few odd batches of leftover tile from my days as an importer... 

shadowplay accidental art  

sometimes beauty shows up in surprising places, even in the shadows.  

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