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Driveway, a developed path for vehicles to access the garage from the road

buckeye trail road construction 78746

We've lived in a construction zone for more than a year. They finally moved on to the road in front of our house. They removed it, and lowered it by two feet. 

buckeye trail 78746 west lake hills 

We've been parking up the street and walking in for a week now.  

mailbox buckeye traul west lake hills tx 

As it is now, the mailman will need a step stool to reach the mailbox as it's now two feet up from standard height. They've pledged to relocate the mailbox to the correct height and distance from the curb.

driveway construction buckeye trl 

The driveway didn't mate up with the new lowered street level. So they removed the old driveway and regraded it.  

It's not a small thing.  



The new design has some impressive curbing to retain our current landscaping.  

new driveway 


The concrete has to cure for 48 hours before we can drive across it. That first journey over it will happen in a couple hours from now. It'll be good to be able to access our home without walking through the woods and parking up the street. The weekly Costco and PHP stop will be improved coming home to a finished driveway.  


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