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March 19, 2019

SXSW 2019 in video format...

Birthday brush with fame.

I keep making it to my birthday, even though I don't always deserve another one.

I was very thankful for family and friends that made a special effort to be great to me.

birthday at pluckers 

CMoore spent some Mardi Gras events with Stormy Daniels. She also has a March birthday. She had a really nice chocolate cake.  

stormy daniels birthday cake 

It was a big cake. CMoore brought me the leftover.  

stormy daniels birthday cake for me 


Connie and my Mom took me to lunch at Loro.  

Another fun connection from this past week...  

picket line coyotes shreveport kevin russell 

I lived in Shreveport Louisiana in the 80's. Around 86... I think, I started to hear about this band The Picket Line Coyote. I went to High School with one of the guys, and I went to see their show. I even convinced them I could probably sing a song, if they could mimic the speedpunk sound of MDC. I told them my song was Dead Dog in the Street, a play on the MDC song Dick for Brains. It never happened, not sure if that was a good thing (I'm often confused about what is good/bad).

In the 90's, my friend CMoore owned a night club, where the Picket Line Coyotes played. The news print clipping is related to the event. Kevin Russell (Shinyribs) can be seen at the back left. CMoore chatted with him after his SXSW gig at Lucy's this weekend. He was a bit surprised we had brought some history with us.  

kevin russell shinyribs austin sxsw 2019  

March 18, 2019

The Sidewalk is officially open! and Kay-So turns 14

kay-so the cat from santa cruz costco

Right before we moved away from Sant Cruz, we found Kay-So in a cardboard box near the Costco entrance. I was against taking her home, but I gave in. They told us she was born on March 17th. I gave her some fresh salmon for her birthday.

sidewalk to HEB Westlake west lake hills tx 78746 

I picked up a used bike trailer to haul goods from HEB now that the sidewalks are officially open! That's a bag of potatoes in there!

west lake hills sidewalk westlake 78746 

SXSW 2019 is done... (pics)

Today is Black Monday... the heavy burden of reality and all. 

But I did get to see some amazing live shows this SXSW. It takes a toll, but I did survive (barely).

cherry glazer sxsw 2019 the current  

cherry glazer sxsw 2019 the current 

cherry glazer the current sxsw 2019 

the nude party sxsw 2019 the current 

the nude party sxsw 2019  

fontaines d.c. sxsw 2019 the current  

fontaines d.c. sxsw 2019 the current 

fontaines d.c. sxsw 2019 the current 

fontaines dc sxsw the current 2019 

heart bones sxsw 2019 harmar superstar sabrina sweet spirit sxsw 2019 

heart bones sxsw 2019 the current 

peterson brothers sxsw 2019 lucy's 

erica winestrom sxsw 2019 lucy's fried chicken 

erica winestrom 

low cut connie sxsw 2019 

sasami sxsw 2019 stereogum range life

sasami stereogum party range life sxsw 2019 

john dee graham sxsw 2019 

john dee graham sxsw 2019 

shinyribs sxsw 2019 

shinyribs sxsw 2019 

Another great time during SXSW is spending time with friends.  

CMoore and Paul Schuster 




and then on the last day, I was coming in late... I tripped getting out of an uber that had dropped me in the street in front of the house (not in the driveway). I tripped on the new steep driveway and fell on my face. It's not pretty, but maybe it never was. Stay tuned, another big adventure is coming up this week. I'm packing my bags now.  

March 11, 2019

SXSW 2019 at AMH and Tech Week

quiet company sxsw austinmodhouse

For years we talked about hosting a SXSW event at the house. This is the year we did it. Quiet Company played AMH SXSW 

quiet company sxsw 2019 amh 

accenture virtual reality sxsw 2019

We took the kids to explore some Virtual Reality at SXSW, 

sxsw 2019 tech virtual reality accenture 

paul schuster austin tx 

accenture sxsw 2019 tech  


He was pretty happy about his high score... 

enov beat saber VR at sxsw 2019 

He's been saving his money for his own PS VR set and this game, Beat Saber. This has cemented his decision to dive head first into Virtual Reality. Leaving the rest of us behind to deal with actual reality. Have I mentioned he watches The Matrix.... over and over again.  


Kat and I checked out a few bands at Hotel Vegas, 42 bands with three stages.  

darkbird band austin sxsw 2019 hotel vegas 

Darkbird surprised us. I'd go see them again for sure.  

quiet company sxsw 2019 hotel vegas 

Quiet Company put on a LOUD and energetic show.  

suerte austin  

We closed the night at Suerte. We were surprised at how much we loved it there.  

vox media party belmont sxsw 2019 

Kat and I attended the VOX Media party on Friday night. Our first SXSW 2019 Queue.  


Free fancy cocktails, food and bands.... not too many people. It was a good time.  

tube amp turntable austin custom stereo 

I'm nearly finished with another custom stereo cabinet.  

custom stereo austin modern  

aka mixology 

It was good to have Cory and Alicia back to AMH with A.K,A. Mixology jello shot.... Kat's not sure about jello shots....  

March 04, 2019

Explore UT Steam Roller Print Press

explore UT austin print makers steam roller print press

We attended Explore UT where we observed the Steam Roller Print Press in action.  

steak roller print press austin UT  

Brian Johnson Austin Print Maker Steam Roller Press  

explore ut austin print making art dept 

Bulleit with Lana

bulleit bourbon austin lana

This empty industrial space was transformed into a giant Bulleit Boubon party for the weekend.  

bullet bourbon whiskey austin fronier party 

The bar was 3D printed. 

bulleit bourbon austin 3d printed bar 

bulleit bourbon austin frontier whiskey 3d printed bar party 

Bulleit Bourbon DJ Frontier whiskey austin  

The DJ played so much fun music. They had as much fun as any of us.  

bulleit bourbon sweet spirit austin

Sweet Spirit played an energetic show.  

bulleit lana lanaloveswhiskey brand ambassador austin bourbon whiskey 

Lana (lanaloveswhiskey) whisked us away into her secret VIP bar where we enjoyed her company, her heater, and a tasting of some of the upscale variety of Bulleit.  

bulleit robot bartender art 

The drink robot was fun. But I don't see it replacing a human.  

bulleit sweet spirit 

bulleit sweet spirit austin