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Goodbye Reality, He's outta here.

birthday at pluckers 

Another birthday at Plucker's! 

ps4 virtual reality headset vr 

He saved money for a long while to buy his own Virtual Reality.  

9s4 vr  

birthday cake

He hosted his own birthday party. He made the invite, planned activities and selected his cake. 

amh wingman buffalo wings 

He tasked me with providing chicken wings for the event.  

ps4 pro beat saber 

And there he goes.... he's no longer that interested in our actual Reality.  

ps4 vr party 

ps4 beat saber 

Kat and I both tried it. I'll admit, it's pretty cool


March is a great month to be born! So many fun people have birthdays in March. We attended a party for our friend Holly (far right) who was also fortunate to have arrived in March.  


(photo credit for the pic above goes to Joelle Schulze)  


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