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Steep Cats and how to keep your art secure...

steep cats austin haam day st elmo brewing

I love HAAM Benefit Day. It's a great cause, and a great opportunity to see live music. We took the kids to St Elmo Brewing, enjoyed a nice dinner from Soursop while we enjoyed the music from Steep Cats (above) and A Tiger Lilly . 

a tiger lily haam benefit day st elmo brewing lilly  

members rooftop party jones contemporary austin 

The Fall Member's rooftop party was a nice event. 


jones contemporary art center austin 

They must have been short on security for the event. They secured the art to heavy items that appear to be sourced from a household garage.

art loss prevention at the jones contemporary art center austin 

Ok, I'm teasing a bit. We did not speak to the curator or read the artist's statement of the impetus to strapping the sculptures to automotive tires or a plain white refrigerator. The piece below seems like a trip hazard. 

trip hazard jones contemporary art center austin personal injury attorney playground  

The last time I saw a floor mat with one corner flipped up like that, Stewart Guss said to me "Paul, it's dumb stuff like this, is how I make money" then he used his foot to fix the floor mat.  

deiviled eggs at caroline austin spg 

It's become a regular pattern, we go to Caroline after the Member's party. Fancy deviled eggs are also a theme we've pursued. I now have a list, ranking the eggs about town. I may share that at a later time.  

peche happy hour mac and cheese with duck confit austin  

Peche' Sunday Happy Hour! While so much has changed in Austin, we were happy to find this has not. Half price food items and $5 fancy cocktails all night on Sunday. The Mac and Cheese with Duck Confit was really good. The kids also enjoyed the French Onion Soup. It used to be their favorite. With a few more experiences, they now say the FOS in Quebec is better. But that makes total sense and the FOS at Peche' is still pretty good (and half price on Sunday!). 

monsoon season in austin 2018 

Rain, Rain, Rain.... so much wet.  

wild mushrooms austin  

Wild mushrooms are popping up all over the yard with all this moisture.  


A bad satellite cable install ten years back, before we cut the cord, has me up and down a ladder with a caulk gun.  


While I'm up there, I also performed the annual tree trim. I don't like heights. But it has to be done.  

pinthouse pizza brewery 

To calm my nerves.... PHP had a nice release this week. Unfortunately the batch was so small, no growler fills.  

hazy juicy ipa austin texas tx pinthouse lamar 

Delicious juicy and hazy DIPA.  

price per square foot west lake hills 78746 sq ft eanes

CMoore forwarded me a list of most expensive suburbs to live in the US, West Lake Hills was on there. The only suburb on the list that was more expensive than WLH was near San Francisco. I wasn't that surprised, but this upward pricing trend has us concerned. I laugh when people tell me "you must love the low cost of living you have here in Texas". I got on Zillow and did a quick search in the neighborhood. I found a new listing, ON OUR STREET that is $959 per sq ft! When the kids are all out of Westlake High School, I'd like to be some place more central.

austin condo thorton 78704 

We stop by the occasional Open House in Central Austin. This was one was nice enough, in a GREAT location asking $699k for around 1700 sq ft ($400 per sq ft).  It's one of four condos on a nice enough lot at 2110 Thornton (walking distance to ABGB).

shower bath wet room trend 2018 

What I really like, is this trend of having the tub and shower in a wet room.  

deviled eggs 78746 

We had some friends over for smoked chicken and deviled eggs (which came first? chicken/egg?). It was a big night, but we still made it to the gym the next morning.

BGE smoked chicken 5 hours 

padre the hermit crab fresh fruit buffet 

Padre' continues to enjoy life. He has a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables provided by Kat.  

fall red sky sunset west lake hills tx 78746

and that was another busy week... 

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