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A Fall into Texas Wines

Fall arrived on time. With low temps, and gray skies, we spent the weekend with friends at their ranch in Fredericksburg.

tesla wine country tour texas 

We had a designated driver and a comfortable Tesla X to haul us around.


Southold Farm + Cellar is well off the beaten path. Sited high up on a ridge, they have a long distance view in every direction.  

southold farm cellar winery fredericksburg tx wines 

We had the member's tasting in the Cellar at Kuhlman

caveman selfie at huhlman wine fredericksburg tx 

kuhlman winery fredericksburg tx tasting wine 

The real treat at Kuhlman is the food/wine pairing. They know how to set things up so the wine has a complimentary food companion.  

huhlman wines texas food and wine pairing summer 2018 

Becker! Kat and I have talked about visiting this winery since we first moved here from CA so many years ago.

becker winery fredericksburg tx  

I can definitely recommend a stop at Becker.  

becker winery saddle jockey  

What's up with this guy?  There was a giant field of flowers at Becker.

floral field becker winery texas flowers  


growler keg Co2 neipa homebrew  

Our friend Dave has his home brew rig up and running. He made a delicious NEIPA and brought some in his fancy growler for us to taste.  

neipa home brew 

lukenbach tx theme park  

We'd never been to Luckenbach. It's sort of a Country and Western theme venue more than an actual town. I can't get on board with their food/beverage program. It was one to check off the list.  

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