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5 MPH Bumper and the Hideaway Kitchen and Bar

porsche 944 austin tx glacier blue

The early 80's introduced the 5 MPH bumper standard. These bumpers were designed to take a whack at 5 MPH and result in no damage to the vehicle. A pair of shocks or struts is fitted between the bumper and the car body. The problem is that once compressed, they often stay that way. I spent a short amount of time, in the drizzly rain, replacing a compressed shock with a good (used $40) unit. The bumper is once again straight. This was my huge achievement from this past week. We have a complicated school schedule this year that has most of my days cut up into small bits.  

salt and pepper tofu and shrimp 

Our other achievement this week, Salt and Pepper Shrimp/Tofu. The shrimp was delicious. We were skeptical that silken tofu would stand up to the process. It usually falls apart just being removed from the package. We did an experiment, we made three different Salt and Pepper Tofu. We used silken, medium, and firm tofu. The process involves using paper towels and weights to remove moisture. We also learned that fancy dinner plates don't make the best weight. Sure, they are nice and heavy. But once the tofu releases moisture, and compresses, it sort of deforms. The once level stack of fancy dinner plates used for weights may have leaned, and slid off the counter. It's good to learn these sort of things early on.

The end result was that silken was in fact the correct tofu. They were all delicious due to the large amount of garlic, jalapeno and scallion that was applied.  

rain defeats drought in Austin TX Sept 2018 

Our regularly scheduled drought situation is being relieved with lots of rain. Temperatures are down to a nice level. We were glad to see the heat wave break. We spent most of the week with no A/C upstairs. A $2700 compressor replacement has us back in the conditioned air and a new ten year warranty! Funny how the old compressor lasted eleven years....  

lake austin ales hazy juicy ipa

We attended a launch event for Lake Austin Ales. They are promising to focus on that hazy and juicy IPA we have learned to love in New England/North East (NEIPA). The Double Juicy (DIPA on the right) was pretty good. I was not a fan of the Juicy IPA (left). But I expect they will quickly improve their method/recipe. It's a great time to be alive.  

hideaway happy hour austin  

Our Sunday ritual includes an afternoon trip to Costco. We get food for the week and kids lunch items etc. I like to conclude that Costco trip with a beverage stop. We started this routine when we found the Whole Foods next door to Costco has a fun craft beer bar in it. But then I expressed my preference for the Electric Jellyfish, so we started going to PHP after Costco. We still like to try new places. I'd read that the Hideaway had a great happy hour, seven days a week 4-7. It was a short drive with no traffic on a Sunday afternoon. The location is a bit hidden.

hideaway kitchen and bar happy hour austin 

The drinks are fancy and the bar food is half price.  

electric jellyfish ipa hazy juicy austin pinthouse pizza s lamar 

Electric Jellyfish is still my favorite local IPA.  

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