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Popo visits Austin and my iPhone is red...

We switched mobile phone service providers. Kat and I got new 8 Plus iPhones as well. I got a shiny red one. It has half the memory of my 7 Plus... but it's RED! 

RED iPhone 8plus

Kat's Mom came to visit for a few days. We got her out to sample the local foods and social scene.  

78746 west lake hills tx  

We attended a Surprise birthday party and wine tasting for a friend here in the neighborhood.  



The upstairs A/C compressor is out at home. We enjoyed soaking up the cool air down in the basement, in the wine room.  


The mullet headed caveman dude kept jumping into the pics with the pretty girls.  

caveman with mullet photobombs pretty girls 

Haha, very funny.  

mullet headed caveman  

It was quite a surprise.  


wimberley blanco river rapids estates

The stairs for leading down to the river park at our place in Wimberley have been replaced. Such a huge improvement.  

blanco river sept 2018

The Blanco River is a bit low. But it was good to have a soak and let the boys play in the water.


Kat has a cousin that lives in San Antonio. They drove up for dinner.  

sushi chef Jorge at Chinatown Westlake 78746 

We introduced Popo to Chef Jorge, and Gregory at Chinatown.  


We feasted upon sushi... 


and more sushi... 


followed by even more sushi! 

austin hike and bike trail lake 

The most important feature of any phone, is the camera. So far, I'm happy.  


I took Popo on a 3.5 mile hike around Ladybird Lake.  




austin pecan tree

Popo was quite impressed with the pecan trees all along the trail. She told me that when she first came to America, they saw an apple tree. There were apples on the ground around it. It was shocking to them as apples were very expensive in Taiwan. Now, she has found pecans all over the ground in Austin. 



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