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Fistful of Bourbon

A new Bourbon is coming to Texas, Fistful of Bourbon is from William Grant & Sons, the same people behind successful Scotch brands Glenfiddich and The Balvenie.  Fistful of Bourbon is made from a blend of five straight American bourbons aged at least two years.

fistful of bourbon american blended whiskey #fisfulofbourbon  

While I don't drink a lot of Bourbon, I DO enjoy an Old Fashioned now and then. On this HOT Texas August afternoon I also did appreciate the Fistful Smash. It was so refreshing and easy to approach.

fistful of bourbon fistful smash #fistfulofbourbon 

Fistful Smash

2 parts Fistful of Bourbon

½ part grapefruit oleo (GF infused simple syrup)

½ part fresh lemon juice

10 loose mint leaves

fistful of bourbon smash Charlotte Voisey #fistfulofbourbon 

Charlotte Voisey (seen above) was on hand to mix the drinks and discuss flavor profiles.

fistful of bourbon old fashioned #fistfulofbourbon 

Fistful of Bourbon is scheduled for sales to begin Sept 1st with a retail price of $25 for a 750ml.

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