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Birthday brush with fame.

I keep making it to my birthday, even though I don't always deserve another one.

I was very thankful for family and friends that made a special effort to be great to me.

birthday at pluckers 

CMoore spent some Mardi Gras events with Stormy Daniels. She also has a March birthday. She had a really nice chocolate cake.  

stormy daniels birthday cake 

It was a big cake. CMoore brought me the leftover.  

stormy daniels birthday cake for me 


Connie and my Mom took me to lunch at Loro.  

Another fun connection from this past week...  

picket line coyotes shreveport kevin russell 

I lived in Shreveport Louisiana in the 80's. Around 86... I think, I started to hear about this band The Picket Line Coyote. I went to High School with one of the guys, and I went to see their show. I even convinced them I could probably sing a song, if they could mimic the speedpunk sound of MDC. I told them my song was Dead Dog in the Street, a play on the MDC song Dick for Brains. It never happened, not sure if that was a good thing (I'm often confused about what is good/bad).

In the 90's, my friend CMoore owned a night club, where the Picket Line Coyotes played. The news print clipping is related to the event. Kevin Russell (Shinyribs) can be seen at the back left. CMoore chatted with him after his SXSW gig at Lucy's this weekend. He was a bit surprised we had brought some history with us.  

kevin russell shinyribs austin sxsw 2019  

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