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SXSW 2019 at AMH and Tech Week

quiet company sxsw austinmodhouse

For years we talked about hosting a SXSW event at the house. This is the year we did it. Quiet Company played AMH SXSW 

quiet company sxsw 2019 amh 

accenture virtual reality sxsw 2019

We took the kids to explore some Virtual Reality at SXSW, 

sxsw 2019 tech virtual reality accenture 

paul schuster austin tx 

accenture sxsw 2019 tech  


He was pretty happy about his high score... 

enov beat saber VR at sxsw 2019 

He's been saving his money for his own PS VR set and this game, Beat Saber. This has cemented his decision to dive head first into Virtual Reality. Leaving the rest of us behind to deal with actual reality. Have I mentioned he watches The Matrix.... over and over again.  


Kat and I checked out a few bands at Hotel Vegas, 42 bands with three stages.  

darkbird band austin sxsw 2019 hotel vegas 

Darkbird surprised us. I'd go see them again for sure.  

quiet company sxsw 2019 hotel vegas 

Quiet Company put on a LOUD and energetic show.  

suerte austin  

We closed the night at Suerte. We were surprised at how much we loved it there.  

vox media party belmont sxsw 2019 

Kat and I attended the VOX Media party on Friday night. Our first SXSW 2019 Queue.  


Free fancy cocktails, food and bands.... not too many people. It was a good time.  

tube amp turntable austin custom stereo 

I'm nearly finished with another custom stereo cabinet.  

custom stereo austin modern  

aka mixology 

It was good to have Cory and Alicia back to AMH with A.K,A. Mixology jello shot.... Kat's not sure about jello shots....  

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