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Alita Experience

Alita Battle Angel Experience Austin

Kat and I had tickets to the Alita Experience. We've not seen the movie. I've seen some of it from behind the scenes when it was filmed here. I doubt you can find me in the movie, I'm in the big motorball scene.

Alita Experience Kansas Bar Austin Cyborg Beer 

We had a beer at the Kansas bar while we waited for our other team members. They turned out to be guys that used to work at Zynga and we knew some of the same people. We had a fun team!  


There are a series of challenges and areas to explore. The goal is to get credits to use for gambling.  

alita experience austin 

alita robot  


Our team was not a top point earner, but we placed our bet well based on a tip I received. We finished at a respectable 4th place.  


#alitaexperience #alitabattleangel 

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