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The Last Happy Hour

sway westlake chicken wings

President's Day 2019, those were some good chicken wings. We took the kids to Sway for Happy Hour and snacks.  

grumpy #2 son happy hour 

Have you ever seen one of those movies where the main characters are hit with a series of unlikely catastrophe, in such a short time and rapid succession, that it seems comical? 

Like the check engine light comes on, then the home A/C compressor dies, then trees start falling in your back yard, your roof needs the snow shoveled off, the thermostats go rogue and run up the heating bill... then the refrigerator compressor starts to make a funny sound and the projector in the media room dies... Now we all resemble #2 son in the pic above.

My rainy day fund takes the form of physical objects, or "things". I've been busy converting things, into funds.  

FPS BMW 2002tii italy wheel F.P.S. vintage 

early porsche 911t long hood fuchs wheel 

porsche 944 85.5 Glacier Blue Metallic, code LY5U 


#2 son helped me with some video to prepare the 944 for ebay. He's quite active on youtube and has gotten quite good at his editing and story telling.  

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