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Garage: a place to park automobiles

Our garage has been a bit of a problem and embarrassment. Some of this was caused from storing construction materials from over a decade ago. The rest became a mess of disorganization. We were gifted some shelving units. This prompted us to pull everything out and evaluate what can be sold or donated.

metal table furniture fabrication west lake hills tx 78746 

This is an outdoor coffee table I'd started. I later decided it was TOO large, I was about to cut it up for scrap to make room. BUT!....

custom furniture westlake 78746 

A few careful cuts, and a few new welds... I like it again. I can move forward with it now.

bmw 2002 1972 vintage  

The 72 BMW 2002 hasn't seen regular use for a few years. The sunroof cables had broken. I finally dug it out and treated some rust inside the roof with POR15 and took it to Sayther to get the cables replaced (not cheap).

vintage bmw austin 

misc nuts and bolts 

A long time ago.... I parted out a car or two. I've had several project cars and builds of things that resulted in a few boxes of misc bolts and construction fasteners I had kept "just in case". One of Kat's hobbies is Hyper Organization. I took her to Harbor Freight where she bought some storage containers. She spent most of a whole day sorting all the nuts, bolts, screws, and various fasteners.

nut and bolt organization 

I have a few boxes to drop off at Re-Store and various charities around town. But we did accomplish our goal. 

garage cleaning 

I sold that old telefunken cabinet and some glass tile that was just taking up space. I think we can finally get around to parking two cars in our two car garage! 

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