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June 25, 2018

Aluminet and the Shiny Thing

aluminet over polygal to reduce solar gain

The twenty foot tall section of Polygal wall has been a source of solar gain during the summer months. By 3 PM the air conditioner has lost ground and we can feel that whole indoor area heating up. Mid June to mid September is when we suffer all that direct sunlight. We had talked of various remedies, including replacing the Polygal with a tinted version. Then I read that people at Burning Man often use Aluminet to shield their camps from the burning sun. I got a good price on a custom made screen, and I climbed the tall, tall ladder.

The result has been quite good. The second floor does not heat up in the afternoon. I can improve on the method used to hang it for next summer. I expect to remove it early Fall.   


The sculpture I made in my art class had rusted up. Kat asked that I get it back to shiny, chrome if possible. I ended up having it powder coated (below). Now I just need to mount it.  

sculpture by paul schuster metal sculptur austin chrome powder coat 

Our Piano instructor was in town to play a few gigs with his band. 

mente clara at central market austin jazz 

They performed at Central Market.  


June 18, 2018

of ribs and barrel aged beers.

smoked baby back ribs BGE 

I smoked baby back ribs. Three racks, and two chickens was a bit too much for the BGE at one time. I don't make them often enough to get it right every time. Everybody that consumed them was happy, but I know I can do better. My favorite part of the BBQ feast, Sue. 

hill farmstead sue barrel aged susan ipa 

We bought this Hill Farmstead Sue at the end of Summer 2017 in Vermont. I was surprised how much I liked it as I'm not that enthused about barrel aged beers. But this one went great with smoked ribs.  

solar panel cleaning 

My friend Ray cleaned a few of his solar panels, and gained a increase in production. Mom wanted to come clean ours to see if we too can benefit (spend less on electricity). Kat was concerned for her safety. I assured Kat that she'd not be close to the edge as there is plenty of access from the flat portion of the roof. I guess I forgot to tell my Mom...  

vintage bmw 2002 prep 

The older two have been helping prep the 1972 BMW 2002 for paint. I was unhappy with the results from the last time I attempted to do it myself. I'm not expecting perfection this round, but I do expect an improvement.

sculptor paul schuster  austin concrete totem patina 

We've enjoyed a few rain showers and currently experiencing a cool front. The 240 lb, concrete and rusty monolith/totem I hid away at the back of the lot is taking on a beautiful patina. It will continue to age and color as the elements attack it. We are all under attack from the natural world, UV rays and oxidization will never rest.  

June 11, 2018

Brewer's Table Grand Opening

We attended the opening party for the Brewer's table. I was surprised the BBQ was so good, and the sides were all excellent. I was not a fan of the beer. It's a great space and will surely be nice hangout spot.

brewers table austin brewer's  


We had a good time for sure. Yes, I'm aware I look like a crazy person.


why don't you smile?  

Kat is always reminding me I should smile in pics. I'm practicing, trying to be a better smiler.

five acre woods 78746 barton creek green belt 

My Mom's HOA had a picnic/happy hour on the Barton Creek Green Belt, also my Mom's back yard. There was a lot of food, live music too.

five acre wood hoa austin 78746 

concrete and rusty metal scultpure paul schuster sculptor austin 

I made a object d' art to hide back in the woods. You should come try and find it some day. It was a LARGE undertaking to get this set just how and where I wanted. It weights in around 240 lb.

laguna gloria art school austin 

#2 son started a Claymation class at the art school. Despite a great initial resistance on his part, he is enjoying the class.

bmw 2002 1972 

Meanwhile his siblings are helping me prep the vintage BMW for paint. I attempted a two stage metallic paint a few years ago. I was not happy with the results, Some of the dings and dents were still obvious. I'm hoping for something different this time around. The car has mostly sat, unloved ever since.  

June 05, 2018

Yes, that is ANOTHER old German sports car.

 I'd said I was done with old cars. I was going to focus on old houses, landscaping and art...  but there it is. You surely saw it in the last post about Dallas. It's ours. This will be our third 944. We've also had at least 8 early Porsche 911.

early porsche 911e 911t  

porshe 912e yellow 911e targa blue 

turd of a porsche 944 

That's the daughter learning to change oil in our last 944. That car never was good to us. They're all heartbreakers. I recommend you avoid them. Unless you're a glutton for punishment and have an enormous appetite for disappointment.

Expectations are the source of disappointment. See, I'm setting mine low straight out of the gate here.  

It's not a reasonable thing to do. It was a gamble. Kat had fallen in love with my first 944, we both had. That was a good car for me. One of my favorite of the multiple I've had. So, she's in on this deal too. But this 944 is already twenty years older than my first 944. The advancement of time never pauses.

vintage porsche 944 glacier blue metallic 

This 944 has not had a proper service in fifteen years. It sat parked most of that time. These cars have a rubber timing belt. My advice to anybody in this situation is to NOT drive it until the timing belt is addressed. If that belt fails, pistons collide with valves and the repair will be counted in thousands.  But I'm not the best at following my own advice. We picked the car up north of Dallas, and drove it back to Austin. Bold, and lucky we are. It drove well and it ran cool, no smoke or hesitations. Don't do as I do. Be a reasonable person. I'm a bad influence.

porsche 944 1985.5

porsche 944 78746

 We are hoping to get the A/C working too. That's sort of necessary here in Texas. We look forward to enjoying the drive again.  


June 03, 2018

Turning Point Brewery Memorial Day Weekend and the Lorenzo Hotel Dallas

We got up bright and early Sunday morning. This was after Kat and I had been out late to see Okkervil River at the Mohawk.

The trip to Dallas is so quick and easy if you do it early enough. What WAZE had estimated to take seven hours in the middle of the day, resulted in just three and a half. That's the new reality of traffic around here now. More like California every year.

We made it to Turning Point Brewery.

turning point brewery bedford texas dallas tx beer porsche 944 

I'd read they were making good New England style IPA. I wore my Hill Farmstead shirt, sort of a litmus test. As soon as I walked in, the girl behind the counter said "I was there last week!", as she nodded to my shirt. I was already impressed.

turning point beer bedford brewery dallas 

turning point brewery beer bedford dallas tx 

We brought our own lunch and they had plenty of board games for the kids to enjoy. 

I can say the beer we enjoyed was on the same quality level as what we get in Vermont. We bought plenty to haul back to Austin if you want to try...


We stayed at the Lorenzo Hotel. I used to live across the street from this place, many years ago. I had a warehouse type place under the Newland Hotel.  

hotel lorenzo sunday funday pool party dallas 

There was a raucous "Sunday Funday" pool party happening when we arrived. #1 son was extremely disappointed and quickly retreated to the room. Meanwhile #2 son jumped right in and set out to acquire ALL the floaties.   

shark floatie hotel lorenzo party dallas 


dallas hotel lorenzo sunday funday pool party  


lorenzo hotel dallas pool einstein 

dallas sunrise from lorenzo hotel 

We got up at 6 AM on Monday to repeat our success of an easy drive between Dallas and Austin.  

1985.5 porsche 944 gauge cluster 80mph  

Made it home without incident in less than three hours drive time.  

epic turning point beer haul 

Epic Turning Point Beer Haul! 

turning point beer biscuits and gravy neipa dallas dfw 

schleem neipa dallas turning point brewery