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of ribs and barrel aged beers.

smoked baby back ribs BGE 

I smoked baby back ribs. Three racks, and two chickens was a bit too much for the BGE at one time. I don't make them often enough to get it right every time. Everybody that consumed them was happy, but I know I can do better. My favorite part of the BBQ feast, Sue. 

hill farmstead sue barrel aged susan ipa 

We bought this Hill Farmstead Sue at the end of Summer 2017 in Vermont. I was surprised how much I liked it as I'm not that enthused about barrel aged beers. But this one went great with smoked ribs.  

solar panel cleaning 

My friend Ray cleaned a few of his solar panels, and gained a increase in production. Mom wanted to come clean ours to see if we too can benefit (spend less on electricity). Kat was concerned for her safety. I assured Kat that she'd not be close to the edge as there is plenty of access from the flat portion of the roof. I guess I forgot to tell my Mom...  

vintage bmw 2002 prep 

The older two have been helping prep the 1972 BMW 2002 for paint. I was unhappy with the results from the last time I attempted to do it myself. I'm not expecting perfection this round, but I do expect an improvement.

sculptor paul schuster  austin concrete totem patina 

We've enjoyed a few rain showers and currently experiencing a cool front. The 240 lb, concrete and rusty monolith/totem I hid away at the back of the lot is taking on a beautiful patina. It will continue to age and color as the elements attack it. We are all under attack from the natural world, UV rays and oxidization will never rest.  

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