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Brewer's Table Grand Opening

We attended the opening party for the Brewer's table. I was surprised the BBQ was so good, and the sides were all excellent. I was not a fan of the beer. It's a great space and will surely be nice hangout spot.

brewers table austin brewer's  


We had a good time for sure. Yes, I'm aware I look like a crazy person.


why don't you smile?  

Kat is always reminding me I should smile in pics. I'm practicing, trying to be a better smiler.

five acre woods 78746 barton creek green belt 

My Mom's HOA had a picnic/happy hour on the Barton Creek Green Belt, also my Mom's back yard. There was a lot of food, live music too.

five acre wood hoa austin 78746 

concrete and rusty metal scultpure paul schuster sculptor austin 

I made a object d' art to hide back in the woods. You should come try and find it some day. It was a LARGE undertaking to get this set just how and where I wanted. It weights in around 240 lb.

laguna gloria art school austin 

#2 son started a Claymation class at the art school. Despite a great initial resistance on his part, he is enjoying the class.

bmw 2002 1972 

Meanwhile his siblings are helping me prep the vintage BMW for paint. I attempted a two stage metallic paint a few years ago. I was not happy with the results, Some of the dings and dents were still obvious. I'm hoping for something different this time around. The car has mostly sat, unloved ever since.  

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