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Yes, that is ANOTHER old German sports car.

 I'd said I was done with old cars. I was going to focus on old houses, landscaping and art...  but there it is. You surely saw it in the last post about Dallas. It's ours. This will be our third 944. We've also had at least 8 early Porsche 911.

early porsche 911e 911t  

porshe 912e yellow 911e targa blue 

turd of a porsche 944 

That's the daughter learning to change oil in our last 944. That car never was good to us. They're all heartbreakers. I recommend you avoid them. Unless you're a glutton for punishment and have an enormous appetite for disappointment.

Expectations are the source of disappointment. See, I'm setting mine low straight out of the gate here.  

It's not a reasonable thing to do. It was a gamble. Kat had fallen in love with my first 944, we both had. That was a good car for me. One of my favorite of the multiple I've had. So, she's in on this deal too. But this 944 is already twenty years older than my first 944. The advancement of time never pauses.

vintage porsche 944 glacier blue metallic 

This 944 has not had a proper service in fifteen years. It sat parked most of that time. These cars have a rubber timing belt. My advice to anybody in this situation is to NOT drive it until the timing belt is addressed. If that belt fails, pistons collide with valves and the repair will be counted in thousands.  But I'm not the best at following my own advice. We picked the car up north of Dallas, and drove it back to Austin. Bold, and lucky we are. It drove well and it ran cool, no smoke or hesitations. Don't do as I do. Be a reasonable person. I'm a bad influence.

porsche 944 1985.5

porsche 944 78746

 We are hoping to get the A/C working too. That's sort of necessary here in Texas. We look forward to enjoying the drive again.  


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