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Turning Point Brewery Memorial Day Weekend and the Lorenzo Hotel Dallas

We got up bright and early Sunday morning. This was after Kat and I had been out late to see Okkervil River at the Mohawk.

The trip to Dallas is so quick and easy if you do it early enough. What WAZE had estimated to take seven hours in the middle of the day, resulted in just three and a half. That's the new reality of traffic around here now. More like California every year.

We made it to Turning Point Brewery.

turning point brewery bedford texas dallas tx beer porsche 944 

I'd read they were making good New England style IPA. I wore my Hill Farmstead shirt, sort of a litmus test. As soon as I walked in, the girl behind the counter said "I was there last week!", as she nodded to my shirt. I was already impressed.

turning point beer bedford brewery dallas 

turning point brewery beer bedford dallas tx 

We brought our own lunch and they had plenty of board games for the kids to enjoy. 

I can say the beer we enjoyed was on the same quality level as what we get in Vermont. We bought plenty to haul back to Austin if you want to try...


We stayed at the Lorenzo Hotel. I used to live across the street from this place, many years ago. I had a warehouse type place under the Newland Hotel.  

hotel lorenzo sunday funday pool party dallas 

There was a raucous "Sunday Funday" pool party happening when we arrived. #1 son was extremely disappointed and quickly retreated to the room. Meanwhile #2 son jumped right in and set out to acquire ALL the floaties.   

shark floatie hotel lorenzo party dallas 


dallas hotel lorenzo sunday funday pool party  


lorenzo hotel dallas pool einstein 

dallas sunrise from lorenzo hotel 

We got up at 6 AM on Monday to repeat our success of an easy drive between Dallas and Austin.  

1985.5 porsche 944 gauge cluster 80mph  

Made it home without incident in less than three hours drive time.  

epic turning point beer haul 

Epic Turning Point Beer Haul! 

turning point beer biscuits and gravy neipa dallas dfw 

schleem neipa dallas turning point brewery 

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