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Move the mountain, made from 100% Obtanium

 With all the construction going on around us, I noticed a boulder had been unearthed. I spent a week slowly rolling it up hill bit by bit. Then by dark of night, I used my ratcheting straps and a new Harbor Freight moving dolly to get it across the street. Wheel barrel was applied to go up the hill in the back yard.

obtanium boulder  

I may have pulled a muscle, suffered a few cuts on my hands, but I eventually got it all the way up the hill.

The sun came up and I placed it...

rock garden 78746 

harbor freight 7.99 moving dolly 

This was the first use from the $7.99 dolly. It suffered some damage, but survived.

upper garden west lake hills tx 

Kat's U.G. (Upper Garden) has been doing well, but the plants are already starting to wilt during the hotter part of the day. We will achieve triple digit temps this week. She asked for a shade cloth frame.

upper garden 78746 tx westlake 

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