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Aluminet and the Shiny Thing

aluminet over polygal to reduce solar gain

The twenty foot tall section of Polygal wall has been a source of solar gain during the summer months. By 3 PM the air conditioner has lost ground and we can feel that whole indoor area heating up. Mid June to mid September is when we suffer all that direct sunlight. We had talked of various remedies, including replacing the Polygal with a tinted version. Then I read that people at Burning Man often use Aluminet to shield their camps from the burning sun. I got a good price on a custom made screen, and I climbed the tall, tall ladder.

The result has been quite good. The second floor does not heat up in the afternoon. I can improve on the method used to hang it for next summer. I expect to remove it early Fall.   


The sculpture I made in my art class had rusted up. Kat asked that I get it back to shiny, chrome if possible. I ended up having it powder coated (below). Now I just need to mount it.  

sculpture by paul schuster metal sculptur austin chrome powder coat 

Our Piano instructor was in town to play a few gigs with his band. 

mente clara at central market austin jazz 

They performed at Central Market.  


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