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July 16, 2018

Stowe tourists, gut to the studs, and more LVRT and Joe's Brook


von Trapp Lodge coffee and bake house stowe vermont

We took a whole day to visit some of our favorite tourist destinations. Kat loves the view from the Von Trapp Family Lodge Kaffeehaus.

ultimate frisbee golf stowe vermont alchemist heady topper ips 

We are considering to include more frisbee in our routine. It's not really a sportsball. We threw a few discs at the Alchemist in Stowe.

elmore store deck elmore pond vermont vt 

Good times on the Elmore Store deck.  

elmore store deck pond vermont 


gutted down to the studs 

We are working on two of the bathrooms this summer. This one has been stripped down to the studs. We spent the better part of three days on demolition. Saturday afternoon (3:50 PM) I realized I didn't have much time to run to Hill Farmstead before they close (5PM).

hill farmstead greensboro vermont susan ipa best beer  

I got my glass of Susan. I like Susan! 

gary fisher joe's pond vermont lvrt 

I had the family get some trail time in on Sunday. We did ten miles on the LVRT from Joe's Pond in Danville.  

danville vermont lvrt rail trail vt 

lvrt danville vermont gary fisher vt 


joe's brook west danville vermont waterfall  

I bought a cheap travel sized tripod to use here. The Daughter helped me hike my photo gear up the falls for some better pics.  

west danville vermont joe's brook waterfall vt NEK 

waterfall joes brook w. danville vt 


vermont day lilly  

They finally popped! 

July 10, 2018

Vermont Week Two of Summer Vacation

The work portion of Summer in VT is about to begin. We spent this past week enjoying the outdoors, not doing much work.


swim hole near hardwick vermont  

This swim hole is not too far from our home in Hardwick. We like it! 

cadys falls terrill gorge vermont waterfall swim hole cady's 

The daughter did a good job assuming the Mermaid of the Falls role.

vermont swim hole mermaid of the falls morrissville vt swimhole 

rock stacking towers of stone  

#1 son stacked stones. 


joe's pond brook joes vermont nek waterfall 

This is the waterfall in our back yard in Danville VT. We filed our septic inspection with the town clerk yesterday. We have a new septic system installed and the old barn has been removed. That completes our goals for that property this year.  

wayne drinkwater jr of danville vermont cane 

The boy from next door in Hardwick accompanied us on our hike down to the waterfall. #2 son has taken to using the cane that belonged to the previous owner (Wayne Drinkwater). 


lvrt lost nation vermont bike trail morrissville vt 

The daughter joined us for more than ten miles on the LVRT bike trail.  


free cheese jasper hill greensboro vermont parade vt  

The Funky Fourth of July event was fun. Jasper Hill passed out free chunks of clothbound cheddar for the parade and it was delicious! 

jasper hill cellars greensboro vermont parade cheese clothbound vt 

coexist vermont peace parade greensboro vt 

bread and puppet greensboro july parade vt vermont 

greensboro vermont vt funky fourth 4th fireworks

They had a really nice fireworks display as well. 

bbco neipa uncanny valley craft beer ipa vermont  

We have really good beer here in Vermont....  we may have some this past week...

July 04, 2018

The slow road to Vermont

Kat joined us for the long drive to VT. We decided to make the most of the journey, stopping to see friends and family along the way. The idea was that we'd not spend too much time in the car for any leg of the trip. Also, if I ever said Kat does not do well on a road trip, we can gladly report that she was a delightful road trip companion. The trip was pretty painless. We took six days for the journey.

christopher moore w hotel french quarter new orleans 

We stopped in New Orleans to see CMoore and lounged by the pool at the W French Quarter.  

w hotel buckhead atlanta ga 

It was COLD and rainy in Atlanta where we stayed at the W Hotel Buckhead. 

atlantic beach north carolina 

We rented a beach house in Atlantic Beach NC. 

Atlantic Beach North Carolina NC

My mom, brother and his GF joined us for the weekend.  

bier garten atlantic beach nc beer garden  

We drove to Kat's parents house in Gaithersburg. 

dogfish head ale house gaithersburg md

We had dinner with local Gaithersburg friends. We took a scenic road from MD to VT. Not once did we get on 95 or the NJ Turnpike! It was not a bad way to travel.  

Joe's Pond Fourth (3rd) of July

We had a good time at a friend's camp on Joe's Pond.

joe's pond vermont kayak

I disallowed electronic devices. Michael insisted the boys tried his kayaks. It was wonderful! 

joe's pond fireworks 2018

fourth of july joe's pond vt 4th fireworks vermont 


gary fisher mtb lvrt vermont 

We've also enjoyed the great bike trails available to us here. Looking forward to the return of cooler weather. It was 95 when we left Austin and 95 when we arrived in Hardwick.