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August 15, 2018

Carrot on a stick to RDU

We had committed to being in Raleigh Durham area for a family event. We had planned to travel west and down through Nebraska, spend the last bit of Summer in VT hiking and biking, but life is not scripted.

popo house 

We spent the night at Popo's (Chinese Grandma) house in DC area. 


Then we made it to Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina. 


My Brother... 

father and sons  

My father... 



Bride and Groom.... 




Then we hit the road. Now I'm racing out the door to get two new tires for he BMW X5 as they did a lot of rolling this summer.   

Rush Job on the bathroom renovation in Vermont

It seems we were constantly struggling to stay on schedule. Much of that had to do with the availability of the plumbers. Then, our deadline to get on the road became a hard date. We spent the last few weeks of summer in Vermont working. We all felt the stress but we managed to get it done.

Kat had taken a few before pics. The wallpaper was actually contact paper, and it had begun to peel in the tub/shower area. I hated that tub shower unit. The floor was an ugly peel/stick material.




(note the section of missing wall paper top right. We just painted the wall board white as a temp fix last summer)


The toilet was already too close to the wall. The lid didn't sit flat on the tank. I knew this would be a problem later as our plan would decrease the distance between the wall and tank even more.



It was a huge milestone to set that sliding glass shower door. We had to be on the road in less than 36 hours.

honeycomb tile rochester house hardwick vermont  

rochester house hardwick vermont  


I fabricated a custom tank lid from a piece of Carrera marble.  Not only does it fit correctly, but it also looks nice.

I literally took these pictures moments before locking the house and walking out the door. We didn't even get to shower in the new shower...  You can see the ladder was still there in the pic below. It may be another ten months before I get to actually use the shower that caused so much stress and effort this summer.

rochester house hardwick vt  



August 06, 2018

A couple days behind, but time waits for no man

No time for pretty Vermont scenery this week. Trying to finish up and head home. Maybe another ten days until I get time to make a real post.