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The Sun is strong here

This has been the adjustment week. The sun comes up at a different time, the temperature is HOT during the day and into the evening. Getting the body back into regular trips to the gym.

Today will be the 40th day of temperatures at/over 100 here in Austin.  

78746 atx landscape cinder block

It was a bit discouraging that first day back. I took a walk in the heat, and tried to make note of all the landscaping that hadn't survived without my daily attention. It was quite a bit. Kat and I made a trip to the local plant store and spent mornings rebuilding. Things are looking better already. It's a race to get plants established to the point that they don't need so much care. Our landscaping method is a process of elimination. If something dies quickly, we try to replace it with something else. Eventually some variety of deer resistant, drought tolerant, full sun loving plants will stick around. It's a lot to ask of them.

august in austin 78746 

vintage drinkwater singer sewing machine danville vermont 

The vintage Singer sewing machine was recovered from the Old home we bought in Danville Vermont (the waterfall pics I posted a month back are from the back yard of that home). We hauled it back with us last summer. I found a sewing machine repair man and we met him in a parking lot in S Austin, like it was some sort of back alley transaction. He rambled on for some time on what a great machine this is. He exclaimed the superiority of the metal mechanism and explained how modern machines are all plastic gears. The new machines can't be repaired if they break etc., etc.  This machine now belongs to the daughter. It should last her a lifetime, if the repair guy is correct.

sewing craft drawstring bags 

She has spent her time indoors avoiding the heat, and making drawstring bags from scraps.  

owl box 78746 west lake hills tx 

We have a new (small) owl that has moved into the box.  

harbison best of show 2018 cheese gooey 

We did bring a wheel of Harbison back from Vermont. This cheese recently took "Best of Show" at the American Cheese Society 2018 Competition. We enjoyed it for my Mom's birthday.   

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