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Tile, Corn, Potholes, and 16 miles of NEK LVRT (trail)

We anxiously awaited the appointment for the next set of plumbers. Master Plumber guy looked at the space, looked at my shower tray.... and he paused, silence... I was about to have a stroke. Then he said "YUP! We can do it!". They jumped into action. Things were happening so quickly.

 Then they opened the shower valve kit we had ordered (big box store in NH). "This is the trim kit. Do you have the valve to go with it?". I went into a panic. I was about to jump in the car and race to Littleton NH to the big box store. I checked online inventory, the valve is a special order item.... The plumbers set the tray and did all they could without the valve. I have ordered two just to be safe, one from Lowe's and one from Amazon Prime. It's a race to see who can get the valve first. The Amazon valve is guaranteed to be here (at the house) tomorrow. But Prime is not always accurate here in VT. If it comes fedex, it will be here. If they ship it USPS... there is no home delivery in Hardwick. All residents here get a PO Box and the people at the Post Office get upset if Amazon drops something at the Post Office and it doesn't have my PO Box number on it... but amazon won't ship two day prime to a PO Box... 

We have started tiling what we can, outside of the shower area.  

hardwick house bathroom tile

It's looking really good!

After working all week, with many rainy days, we worked half days on the weekend and enjoyed the beautiful Vermont summer afternoons. 

walden vermont creamee butch's harvestore  

We stopped in Walden for a roadside creamee.  

vt creamee walden rt 15  

vermont creamee nek 

My Mom took #2 son and Daughter to the Great Vermont Corn Maze. I sent the Daughter with my camera.

great vermont corn maze 2018 

danville vt boat cornfield great vermont corn maze 2018 

corn maze nek vt danville 

great vermont corn maze 2018 success 

#1 son and I set out for sixteen miles on the LVRT. We started at Joe's Pond/Hasting's Store in Danville and rode all the way to St Johnsbury. It was mostly downhill.  

lvrt danville to saint johnsbury vermont bike trail 

danville vermont bike trail lvrt vt  

gary fisher on the lvrt vermont  

spring water lvrt  

We drank fresh spring water straight from the source. It was good water.

The LVRT ends a couple blocks from the Kingdom Taproom. It'd been a few years since we last visited this place. It's still good! 

lvrt to kingdom tproom st johnsbury vt 

#1 son is rarely enthusiastic about restaurant food. This was an exception, "The food here is GREAT!". All three kids enjoyed the French Onion Soup and fresh baked bread with herbed butter. 

black barn farm bolton vt 

We also attended a party at a friend's farm. Yes, another back yard waterfall.  

black barn farm party bolton vermont 2018 

The Black Barn Farm Party of 2018 was a good time.  

black barn farm bolton vt party 2018 

black barn farm party 2018 bolton vermont   

Hill Farmstead Society nd Solitude #10 ten nek craft beer vermont 

My current favorite Vermont craft beer, Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #10 is so delicious.  

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