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Double D Farm Stand! while we wait for a plumber...

A person might think that a month to renovate a bathroom would be plenty. But then a person finds that there are variables beyond control... like getting a plumber in a reasonable time. So while we wait for a plumber to find time to rough in a shower valve and tray... Let us walk to a neighborhood farm stand, the Double D!

double d farmstand hardwick vermont vt farm to table  

We've been buying bunches of beet greens for $1 each. This is a self serve farm stand, the honor system.

double d farmstand hardwick vt hill farmstead ipa vermont beer neipa #farmtotable 

We sautéed beet greens, stems, and beets with garlic butter and everybody liked that. Some didn't care for the stems too much. They also worked their way into the morning scrambled eggs (served in English muffin with sharp Cabot cheddar cheese).

beet green pesto #farmtotable 

The crowd favorite has been beet green pesto, using local organic basil.

harbison cheese greensboro vermont is the best in the world and enjoyed daily by rich people vt #farmtotable 

Harbison cheese is made just up the road, in Greensboro. We can get it at Whole Foods in Austin, for $25-28 a wheel. A wheel here is about $13 (local co-op member price or Willey's store in Greensboro). We all love it as a treat. #1 son said "imagine if somebody was SO RICH, they could have this cheese every day". I loved that his symbol of wealth is Harbison, daily. It's good to have reasonable goals.  

relaxing at the red barn brewery west danville vermont microbrewery vt craft joe's pond  

We enjoyed the weekly Friday beer at Red Barn. We did meet up with friends. There was no food truck this week, so there were no crowds, we took our own food. It was relaxing and the kids did appreciate it. #2 son found a swing to lay in while the sun set.  

iris neipa red barn brewing west danville vermont craft beer vt  

That bathroom.... 

bathroom renovation hardwick vermont 

I had the room gutted and ready for a plumber I had scheduled for Friday. Friday was later than I had hoped for, but I'm really at the mercy of his schedule. I received an email from the plumber on Thursday, saying he would be unable to help at this time, and could not say when he would be able to reschedule. Funny stuff. Luckily I have a second plumber scheduled as a backup. But it doesn't feel good. The clock is ticking. I'm now a week behind... a fair amount of stress here.


Toilet, sink, tub/shower.... all gone.  


I've begun to hang cement wallboard, where I can.


elmore state park beach kayak vermont 

#2 son has decided he really likes kayaking. I pried myself away from the stress, and wallboard to spend a beach day at Elmore State Park. I rented three kayaks and we had a nice paddle. We DID apply SPF.

kayak rentl vermont elmore state park hardwick stowe 

It was breezy that day, not as easy to paddle into it. But he didn't complain, too much. 

kayak rental lake elmore pond vermont elmore store state park  

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