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December 30, 2019

Christmas 2019 pt 3, the Dallas Gathering

mayflower stay alfred rooftop pool downtown view i. m. pei

To conclude Christmas 2019, we rented an apartment Downtown Dallas.  

beto and sons trinity groves 

We met with my Dad for dinner and gift exchange. 

stay alfred mayflower 


dallas mayflower rooftop

We spent a couple evenings with friends. We had a Christmas beer exchange. I brought some Other Half and they brought some Great Raft and Parish beers we can't get in TX. 

great raft celestial beer I told you this would happen can 


celestial beer company dallas picnic  

We had our annual cheese buffet at Cellestial Beerworks. 

cheese picnic 

nasher sculpture dallas art 

We took the kids to the Nasher Sculpture Center for the Elmgreen & Dragset special exhibit. 

nasher dallas art sculpture 

dallas art nasher sculpture 

Elmgreen & Dragset nasher dallas texas  

ip law patent attorney intellectual property turning point brewery dallas

Kat had to deal with an emergency at work. The digital "always connected" world we live in enabled her to put out the fire, with only minor wrinkle in our plan (at Turning Point). She also had her weekly skype with her mom while enjoying chicken wings at Craft Growler.  

craft growler dallas  

It was an easy and relaxing trip to Dallas. 


Orbi, the conflict resolution

The largest gift this Christmas is also the one that is most invisible, Cable internet and a mesh network.

kay-so and the orbi mesh 

We have had super slow DSL internet for 12 years. #1 son is serious about his gaming. This slow internet has caused him a lot of frustration. He might even get so upset that he goes around the house expressing his frustration towards anybody else that might be using the bandwidth. I’ll spare you the strong language he’s issued toward his siblings during these confrontations. The new cable internet service is more than 10X faster, and the new Orbi mesh network is also much faster.  

December 24, 2019

Happy Holidays 2019, the Dark year.

merry christmas from austin mod house 2019


2019 was a bit of a dark year for us. Our Christmas card reflected that theme.  


austinmodhouse dark christmas 2019

this was an out take from the same photo shoot (BIG) 

December 23, 2019

Krampus came to town.

krampus summoned from the forest at live oak brewing austin

Torches were raised, drums were beat... and Krampus did emerge from the woods, looking for children to feast upon. 

Krampus Live Oak brewing austin tx


krampus austin texas  

krampus eats pug dog live oak brewing austin 

That Pug dog pledged to improve behavior to avoid being eaten by Krampus. 



woodland creature krampus naucht

#2 son is not the best with time management. Despite several advance notices to be ready to leave the house at a certain time... he's the one we often wait on. He is known to wait until we are out the door and in the car before he sets out to find shoes or jacket. This often results in improper attire. He complained about being cold, as he didn't grab a good jacket as he raced out the door. His mother offered hers. Somehow, he managed to pull the look together on this Krampusnacht. 


We came home and feasted on homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches made from Cabot (VT) seriously sharp cheddar. An extremely pleasant dinner on a chilly evening.  


December 22, 2019

QC Xmas #8

It was our eighth year to host the Quiet Company Holiday House Show.

quiet company band austin holiday house show 2019 

It was a good evening and everybody knew their part. My floors were all shiny, I had the trash bag set out before they asked, Kat made clear signage for the trash and recycling (to answer the most popular question).

quiet company a band from austin texas christmas in tx 

creepy animatronic christmas doll 

We coordinated our steals for the White Elephant Exchange. One guy was not happy about that and insisted on telling people how such coordinated schemes are not allowed at the gift exchange he coordinates. #2 son was able to add to his collection of creepy animatronic Christmas dolls.  

christmas zombie doll robot 

you'ev got to change change change mother  

The Daughter briefly held the cross-stitched QC song lyrics.  

December 16, 2019

The week before Christmas... and it's down to the last minute

 This week is always a scramble. Holiday cards, gifts, parties...


Kat's firm holiday party was held at an arcade for the second year in a row. The kids enjoyed compiling a massive amount of tickets that were later redeemed for trinkets.  


We stayed late so he could participate in the 5PM go-cart race. It happened at 5:25...   


He was happy to have the fastest lap, then I had to RACE to get us to Costco before they closed at 6PM.


Most of the tree is dressed, most of the indoor decorations are up, and I finished the outdoor lights up the ladder in the trees, etc.  

Quiet Company party will be hosted here for the 8th year. This event usually prompts me to refinish the concrete floors. It's a big job that I will be back at as soon as I publish this entry. 


H mart austin cedar park 

We finally made it to H-Mart. While it is larger than Ranch99, and it does have a fun food court and live music stage... it doesn't have some of the items we have come to expect. It was fun to try, but I think we will continue Ranch 99 patronage. #2 son dropped his spoon into his instant ramen. He successfully handled his spoon, with chop sticks. That's advanced level chop sticking.

autin community colllege desgin 2 3d sculpture acc 

I finished my final project for my Design 2 (3d) class. It's about two different shapes that don't quite fit, yet they remain bound together and manage to make it all work.   



December 09, 2019

Ten years of Lost Maples camp, Fall 2019.

We have been camping at Lost Maples for ten years now. Our 2009 trip was documented here.

vintage airstream at lost maples state park texas 1964 overlander

This year was another perfect camping weather weekend. 

pre mixed margarita mason jar lantern

lost maples natural area 

We did two hikes, enjoyed good food and a nice camp fire.  

hiking texas stte park lost maples  

monkey rock lost maples texas state park hike 

water falls lost maples state park texas 

lost maples camp texas hill country  

lost maples camping texas 


camping outdoor projector