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The week before Christmas... and it's down to the last minute

 This week is always a scramble. Holiday cards, gifts, parties...


Kat's firm holiday party was held at an arcade for the second year in a row. The kids enjoyed compiling a massive amount of tickets that were later redeemed for trinkets.  


We stayed late so he could participate in the 5PM go-cart race. It happened at 5:25...   


He was happy to have the fastest lap, then I had to RACE to get us to Costco before they closed at 6PM.


Most of the tree is dressed, most of the indoor decorations are up, and I finished the outdoor lights up the ladder in the trees, etc.  

Quiet Company party will be hosted here for the 8th year. This event usually prompts me to refinish the concrete floors. It's a big job that I will be back at as soon as I publish this entry. 


H mart austin cedar park 

We finally made it to H-Mart. While it is larger than Ranch99, and it does have a fun food court and live music stage... it doesn't have some of the items we have come to expect. It was fun to try, but I think we will continue Ranch 99 patronage. #2 son dropped his spoon into his instant ramen. He successfully handled his spoon, with chop sticks. That's advanced level chop sticking.

autin community colllege desgin 2 3d sculpture acc 

I finished my final project for my Design 2 (3d) class. It's about two different shapes that don't quite fit, yet they remain bound together and manage to make it all work.   



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