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QC Xmas #8

It was our eighth year to host the Quiet Company Holiday House Show.

quiet company band austin holiday house show 2019 

It was a good evening and everybody knew their part. My floors were all shiny, I had the trash bag set out before they asked, Kat made clear signage for the trash and recycling (to answer the most popular question).

quiet company a band from austin texas christmas in tx 

creepy animatronic christmas doll 

We coordinated our steals for the White Elephant Exchange. One guy was not happy about that and insisted on telling people how such coordinated schemes are not allowed at the gift exchange he coordinates. #2 son was able to add to his collection of creepy animatronic Christmas dolls.  

christmas zombie doll robot 

you'ev got to change change change mother  

The Daughter briefly held the cross-stitched QC song lyrics.  

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