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lost maples

tx Farm to Market 16

we let the GPS chose the route.  we used "shortest distance".  this took us down TX FM 16 most of the way.  this may have been shorter but it added an hour to our time.  the roads were STEEP and TWISTY.  kat said it was worse that CA HWY 17; her old commute between santa cruz and silicon valley.

watermelon shaking action

watermelon shaker helped us to settle into the campsite after we arrived hours later than we planned.

she just wanted to read her book inside.  the airstream really is a nice home on wheels.


we hit the trails the next morning

some wildflowers along the trail.

lost maples pond panoramic

click to see larger

crystal clear water

that water is so clear you can count your toes.

lost maples waterfall

we didn't hike all the way in due to the extra weight (toddler son #2).  we settled on these smaller water falls and turned back.  a few miles was plenty for this trip.

a nice stop at swimmin hole #2

third swimmin' hole

swimmin' hole #3 for the day.

watermelon squishing boy

trying to make his own watermelon shaker

cheese and craker boy

he loves that strong and gooey blue cheese

the green sausage is chicken, spinach and feta.

the bomb

THE BOMB white pepper helped to season the basmati rice.

chicken kat

connect four

look how smug he is about dropping in that piece to seal his victory at connect four.


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