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plugging the floor in the MobileModHouse

removed the ugly nasty peel and stick linoleum tiles.  found a vent hole that had just been tiled over.

made a plug and braced it from behind with strips of 3/4 inch plywood.  used wood filler around the edges and the hole was gone.

new white VCT flooring done!

burke project

mostly done with the sanding on the burke chair bases.  I have the por 15 white coat so I start working on the shells next.

austin pizza BYOB

good times at austin pizza, about two blocks from our home.  it's BYOB and they have a lage playscape for the kids complete with fence.

more hail on the way

more EXTREME weather rolled through.

hail and lightening.


Cool storm pic. You gotta try out Homeslice Pizza if you guys haven't gone yet. Amazing food and a cool vibe. Also ask for dough for the kids. It's endless entertainment for them.

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