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we have been frequenting this park just south of downtown.  still working on bike riding.  they have a water feature that was great fun as well.

el chile sangria margarita

sangria margarita at el chile

we ventured to the east side.  a coffee bar; clementine, was hosting a zaireeka listening party.  zaireeka was a concept album issued by the flaming lips in 1997.  four cd that had to be played simultaneously, requiring four separate stereo and four people to press play at the same time.  each disc has different sounds that when played together make that beautiful flaming lips music.


dj played for a while.

my coffee looks a lot like beer.

daughter was enlisted to be one of the four people to press PLAY.

unfortunately, they were plagued by technical difficulties.  we stayed for most of zaireeka, but somehow the first two songs were botched and we allowed some guy to share our table and after he sat down with us he proceeded to roll his own and smoke tobacco.  most other people who smoked had the compassion to leave the crowded area and smoke away from my wife and daughter.


the kids were excited to find this dragonfly that had just emerged from it's exuvia (seen just behind it).  did you know that a dragonfly lives for over a year?  much of that is spent under water, as a nymph.  we have many of those in the tadpole pond.  I've also noticed this pretty ribbon garter snake that is living around that pond.  likely feasting on baby frogs.

doppleganger? twins?

we were driving down s. 1st in 78704 (soco) area and noticed this guy.  kat said "don't you have a shirt just like that?  turns out I did and I was wearing it!  I parked the car and started to walk near this guy.  then I noticed we were wearing the same shorts as well!  we shop at old navy.

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