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riding, roping and ribbing

nothing beats home grown tomatoes.  they are now ripening faster than we can eat them, as are the basil.  also harvested some home grown onions.


daughter didn't care for the seared tuna.  so we used the opportunity to see if sauce would improve it.  she did NOT like it with wasabi, the sriracha was an improvement but both she and kat agreed that the Maille whole grain mustard was the winner.


I smoke ribs once a year.  it is an all day process so I do lots and share.

smoked baby back ribs

the day before ribfest, I remove the membrane from the back and apply a dry rub (2 to 1 brown sugar/kosher salt and lots of galric powder,chili and spices). the next morning I apply three hours of oak, pecan and hickory smoke.

then I wrap each rack and braise with a half chicken stock, half savignon blanc solution.

braise for three hours in the oven.

I drain the liquid from each package and reduce it down till it is almost syrup.  then I brush that back on the top of the ribs and give them some time under the broiler till the top is bubbling and carmelized.

lots of kids in the pool.

we have put up shade cloth curtains on the south and west facing screen room walls.  this has made a dramatic difference in temperatures.  last summer it was way too hot to enjoy a meal out there between 4pm and 11pm.  the sun would heat up the floor, it was unbearable.

I have the bases for the burke chairs all stripped and have started the sanding.

I also stained and coated some stumps with a glossy UV resistant marine grade clear coat.

one goal for this summer is to get the kids riding bikes.  I promised them each a new bike if they learn.  shortly after the pic above was taken, she lost control and completely forgot about brakes.  rode into a rope like the one seen behind her.  it caught her in the throat, knocked her off; clothes-lined!

we were all so proud that she seemed to have no hesitation about getting right back on that bike the next day.  we worked on braking. 

new bikes.


kids and I took a gallon of old fry oil to dieselgreen and then filled the tank with biodiesel at ecowise.

west lake hills sunset


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