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single grit sand paper

school is out for summer.  the kids would be happy to just sit around and play video games or watch tv.  that is not gonna happen.  I have some big projects lined up so I have told #1 son he is going to be my helper.  even if that help is just stand there and hand things.   

we were working on airstream polish and I was on the ladder.  I asked him to hand me the nuvite aluminum polishing compound.  "NO, don't lift it by the lid, get the bottom! grab the bottom!" 

I was too late.  the lid was not screwed down and the bottom fell to the ground.  that stuff is not cheap.  I tried to salvage what I could.  resumed my polishing and then I noticed the squiggly line I had applied to about one sq ft of aluminum.  yep, picked up a rock.  this is what 1 grit sand paper looks like on aluminum.  I got out some wet dry 2000 grit and worked my way through the compounds... still there.  some day I'll try starting at 500 grit.  but for now... we have squiggly lines.  it is a small patch between the door hinge and window.  at least it won't be seen when the door is open.

burke chair restoration x3

my burke chair restoration project has trippled.

we are getting the outdoor items ready for summer fun.  kat applying some 2000 grit wet/dry sanding action to the stainless steel cocktail cart we got from a hospital salvage operation.

I sanded the deck lounge chairs.  the wood was looking rather sad. 

above: sanded chair on left, unsanded on right

then we applied a stain.  I spent this morning applying a UV resistant marine grade clear coat.

#1 son and I put up the shade sails.

then we started our summer fun!  the pool is open!

 watermelon shaker - the amh summer cocktail

the signature AustinModHouse cocktail; the watermelon shaker, is still good!

kids were on their best behavior...  lost in the nintendo world.

daughter caught a frog that has not yet moved out of the tadpole pond.

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