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Krampus came to town.

krampus summoned from the forest at live oak brewing austin

Torches were raised, drums were beat... and Krampus did emerge from the woods, looking for children to feast upon. 

Krampus Live Oak brewing austin tx


krampus austin texas  

krampus eats pug dog live oak brewing austin 

That Pug dog pledged to improve behavior to avoid being eaten by Krampus. 



woodland creature krampus naucht

#2 son is not the best with time management. Despite several advance notices to be ready to leave the house at a certain time... he's the one we often wait on. He is known to wait until we are out the door and in the car before he sets out to find shoes or jacket. This often results in improper attire. He complained about being cold, as he didn't grab a good jacket as he raced out the door. His mother offered hers. Somehow, he managed to pull the look together on this Krampusnacht. 


We came home and feasted on homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches made from Cabot (VT) seriously sharp cheddar. An extremely pleasant dinner on a chilly evening.  


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