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July 24, 2017

Popo (Chinese Grandma)

Kat's Mom has come to stay with us for a week. Her first time to Vermont.


We had a picnic on Barr Hill.



caspian lake vermont greensboro 

and more picnic at Lake Caspian.

She had never been to Canada, Kat really wanted her to get some French Canadian experience. We all piled into the X5 and hauled ourselves to Montreal for French Food.

basilica notre dame montreal 

We explored the old part of town and Chinatown. We closed the trip with dinner at a fancy French restaurant. She experienced many new foods including Foi Gras Poutine with Duck Confit and Steak Tartare.

I made this time lapse of boats in Lake Champlain while I waited for their plane into Burlington.

July 17, 2017

Danville Vermont

We spent a nice afternoon in Danville. The waterfall at our place there has calmed down.

joe's brook danville vermont joes vt


Joe's Brook off of Joe's Pond Vermont  



#2 son hauled that rock all the way up the hill. It's a bit steep and slippery, but he stuck to his plan and celebrated his success. 

view from red barn brewing danville vermont  



Waterfalls on the way back through the Green Mountain National Forest

We chose to drive through the Green Mountain National Forest on the way back from Middlebury. I spotted a sign for Texas Falls.


I just had to pull over to see these Texas Falls in Vermont. They were grand!

texas falls green mountain national forest vermont 


We also stopped off at Warren Falls 

warren falls vermont waterfall and swim hole 

It was a welcome warm and sunny day from this summer that has been mostly rain. All the people were out enjoying the water. 

contemplative moment 

#1 son needed some time to himself.  


#2 son wasted no time playing in the water and stacking stones.  

warren falls cliff jumpers vermont 


People were lined up to jump from the cliffs from four or five different ledges.  

Time lapse of the people enjoying their warm sunny day, #2 son can be seen near the bottom of the frame, busy moving his stones in the water: 

Stratford Inn, You can't get there from here..

#2 son loves the Newhart show. He's been requesting that we visit the Inn that inspired the Stratford, The Waybury in E. Middlebury. On the map, the distance isn't that great. But as often is the case in Vermont, there are no roads that go from here, to there. The route involved driving far north and then south just to achieve travel to the west. It was two hours of narrow, curvy roads through the country and around a mountain.

stratford inn vermont newhart show middlebury waybury 

minuteman cafe larry daryl and my other brother daryl vermont newhart 

stratford inn vermont newhart 

stratford inn midlebury vermont dick loudin 


We had brunch there at the Waybury. It was not the best. But to #2 son, it was perfect. He would not hear any criticism of the Straford Inn and our lackluster food and service was as if Stephanie (from the Newhart show) was giving us an authentic Stratford Inn experience. The staff recognized things could have been better, they boxed us up some chocolate chip cookies for us to take with us! Cookies saved the day and it all ended well. 

Now for the long drive home (Hardwick)... 

July 11, 2017

Half the Rain, 100% complete with the exterior (Vermont)

It now seems to rain only every other day. We did finish the exterior paint of the House in Hardwick Vermont. This was a major achievement worthy of a major award....

alchemist heady topper stowe vermont 

There we go!

Foam Brewery Burlington Vermont built to spill 

Mom and I stopped off at Foam in Burlington when we ran up for supplies. This was a great brewery visit. They are right on Lake Champlain. Mom really liked the Gose made with watermelon and Himalayan Salt. 

We've managed to start work indoors. We try to make time for a hike when the weather is nice. It's been pretty nice. We found an easy hike near the home, Barr Hill Nature Preserve.

barr hill view vermont 


barr hill caspian lake vermont view summer 2017 



When you exceed your iPhone data limit... the chore difficulty increases as well. He's done well working off his debt. His sister gets a big thanks as she works hours each day without me having to ask or watch a clock.

rubik's cube solved 

#1 son found a Rubik's Cube in the other property we have up here. He spent several hours on youtube learning algorithms. He was happy to have it solved.

The highlight of this past week was being able to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks from a friend's lake house on Joe's Pond.... it's easy to get used this view.

Joe's Pond dock view sunset 


fourth of july fireworks joe's pond 2017 july 3rd 

We also had a nice bike ride on the LVRT from Morrisville to Hyde Park.

LVRT Hyde Park Vermont 

It dumped rain on us on the return. We raced to Lost Nation to seek shelter, and the sun came back...



July 03, 2017

up the ladder (rain) down the ladder (sun) up...

It has rained nearly every day since our arrival in Hardwick VT.

rainy summer hardwick vermont 2017 

We scramble up the ladders after breakfast, and work until rains shut us down.


 The rains pass, we repeat the process.

Hardwick VT 


We should be done with exterior paint of the whole house this week! This was a BIG job.




We did take the opportunity of a rare break in the rain to enjoy the sunset from back deck at the Elmore Store.

elmore store vermont deck view lake 


red barn brewing danville vt  

We also visited the Red Barn Brewing Co, near our place in Danville. It was Jamaican food night, pretty good. 

red barn brewing vermont jamaican food and beer 

Joe's brook danville vermont joes pond 

The serene and peaceful brook/waterfall behind our place in Danville has been transformed into a raging torrent of danger. So much rain...

Hen of the Woods Waterbury VT Birthday 

The daughter is now 18! She's not ready for "Life Decisions", but I have been tasking her with some of her own restaurant ordering decisions.

circus smirkus 2017 waterbury 

happy circus smirkus 2017 popcorn 

#1 son did not join us for Circus Smirkus this year. "I don't like clowns. I don't think clowns are funny at all".

The other two kids sure did enjoy the circus. 

bethoven circus smirkus 

night at the museum circus smirkus 

circus smirkus 2017  

south pole circus smirkus museum 2017 greensboro vermont 

circus greensboro vermont