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Waterfalls on the way back through the Green Mountain National Forest

We chose to drive through the Green Mountain National Forest on the way back from Middlebury. I spotted a sign for Texas Falls.


I just had to pull over to see these Texas Falls in Vermont. They were grand!

texas falls green mountain national forest vermont 


We also stopped off at Warren Falls 

warren falls vermont waterfall and swim hole 

It was a welcome warm and sunny day from this summer that has been mostly rain. All the people were out enjoying the water. 

contemplative moment 

#1 son needed some time to himself.  


#2 son wasted no time playing in the water and stacking stones.  

warren falls cliff jumpers vermont 


People were lined up to jump from the cliffs from four or five different ledges.  

Time lapse of the people enjoying their warm sunny day, #2 son can be seen near the bottom of the frame, busy moving his stones in the water: 

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