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Stratford Inn, You can't get there from here..

#2 son loves the Newhart show. He's been requesting that we visit the Inn that inspired the Stratford, The Waybury in E. Middlebury. On the map, the distance isn't that great. But as often is the case in Vermont, there are no roads that go from here, to there. The route involved driving far north and then south just to achieve travel to the west. It was two hours of narrow, curvy roads through the country and around a mountain.

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We had brunch there at the Waybury. It was not the best. But to #2 son, it was perfect. He would not hear any criticism of the Straford Inn and our lackluster food and service was as if Stephanie (from the Newhart show) was giving us an authentic Stratford Inn experience. The staff recognized things could have been better, they boxed us up some chocolate chip cookies for us to take with us! Cookies saved the day and it all ended well. 

Now for the long drive home (Hardwick)... 

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