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Half the Rain, 100% complete with the exterior (Vermont)

It now seems to rain only every other day. We did finish the exterior paint of the House in Hardwick Vermont. This was a major achievement worthy of a major award....

alchemist heady topper stowe vermont 

There we go!

Foam Brewery Burlington Vermont built to spill 

Mom and I stopped off at Foam in Burlington when we ran up for supplies. This was a great brewery visit. They are right on Lake Champlain. Mom really liked the Gose made with watermelon and Himalayan Salt. 

We've managed to start work indoors. We try to make time for a hike when the weather is nice. It's been pretty nice. We found an easy hike near the home, Barr Hill Nature Preserve.

barr hill view vermont 


barr hill caspian lake vermont view summer 2017 



When you exceed your iPhone data limit... the chore difficulty increases as well. He's done well working off his debt. His sister gets a big thanks as she works hours each day without me having to ask or watch a clock.

rubik's cube solved 

#1 son found a Rubik's Cube in the other property we have up here. He spent several hours on youtube learning algorithms. He was happy to have it solved.

The highlight of this past week was being able to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks from a friend's lake house on Joe's Pond.... it's easy to get used this view.

Joe's Pond dock view sunset 


fourth of july fireworks joe's pond 2017 july 3rd 

We also had a nice bike ride on the LVRT from Morrisville to Hyde Park.

LVRT Hyde Park Vermont 

It dumped rain on us on the return. We raced to Lost Nation to seek shelter, and the sun came back...



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