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up the ladder (rain) down the ladder (sun) up...

It has rained nearly every day since our arrival in Hardwick VT.

rainy summer hardwick vermont 2017 

We scramble up the ladders after breakfast, and work until rains shut us down.


 The rains pass, we repeat the process.

Hardwick VT 


We should be done with exterior paint of the whole house this week! This was a BIG job.




We did take the opportunity of a rare break in the rain to enjoy the sunset from back deck at the Elmore Store.

elmore store vermont deck view lake 


red barn brewing danville vt  

We also visited the Red Barn Brewing Co, near our place in Danville. It was Jamaican food night, pretty good. 

red barn brewing vermont jamaican food and beer 

Joe's brook danville vermont joes pond 

The serene and peaceful brook/waterfall behind our place in Danville has been transformed into a raging torrent of danger. So much rain...

Hen of the Woods Waterbury VT Birthday 

The daughter is now 18! She's not ready for "Life Decisions", but I have been tasking her with some of her own restaurant ordering decisions.

circus smirkus 2017 waterbury 

happy circus smirkus 2017 popcorn 

#1 son did not join us for Circus Smirkus this year. "I don't like clowns. I don't think clowns are funny at all".

The other two kids sure did enjoy the circus. 

bethoven circus smirkus 

night at the museum circus smirkus 

circus smirkus 2017  

south pole circus smirkus museum 2017 greensboro vermont 

circus greensboro vermont

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