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Work Week in Vermont, with tacos...

We arrived at our home in Hardwick. It took a few days to get acclimated. The drive from Fort Bragg to Hardwick was a bit longer than should be tackled in one day. We are reconsidering how we bridge the distance.

This part of our summer is mostly about work. We did not finish the house paint job last summer. I've spent ten months waiting to complete this job. I'm so ready! The kids help when/where they can (some arm twisting may have been required).

child labor in vermont 

I try to get the work wrapped up early enough to include some play. We did the bike trail in Stowe this past weekend and the kids were very appreciative. 


stowe bike path  

stowe vermont summer 2017 

stowe summer 

They may have a few beer stops on that Stowe bike trail... I finally had some Sip Of Sunshine. 

lawson's sip of sunshine dipa 

Cycling is one of their favorite parts of summer in VT.

I also made a run up the street to Hill Farmstead to meet friends that also spend summer up here from Texas. Hill Farmstead was once again named Best Brewery in the World by Rate Beer.

best brewery in the world hill farmstead 2017 vermont 

It's good beer! twelve miles from our home...

Hill Farmstead Dharma Bum Ca 2017 greensboro vermont 

I had the kids help with work today. I rewarded them with tacos.

tacos greensboro vermont highland lodge 

highland lodge vermont greensboro taco 

highland lodge  vermont nek 


I won't complain about the tacos.... I will say they cost more than Taco Deli, are not as good as Taco Deli, and are smaller in portion than Taco Deli (and Torchy's). The taco making man was a bit surprised when he asked if we wanted "hot sauce" on any of the tacos. I was clear when I said "Yes, all of them". He was hesitant, stopped and looked me in the eye. I had to reassure him we did want the tacos spicy (picante), even the kids (tacos still weren't spicy). 

lazy lady farm cheese vermont 

we stopped at Wiley's store and got some Lazy Lady Farm cheese for an after taco dinner snack. That is really great cheese!

caspian lake greensboro vermont

The view over Caspian Lake on the way home tonight.  


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