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June 26, 2017

Work Week in Vermont, with tacos...

We arrived at our home in Hardwick. It took a few days to get acclimated. The drive from Fort Bragg to Hardwick was a bit longer than should be tackled in one day. We are reconsidering how we bridge the distance.

This part of our summer is mostly about work. We did not finish the house paint job last summer. I've spent ten months waiting to complete this job. I'm so ready! The kids help when/where they can (some arm twisting may have been required).

child labor in vermont 

I try to get the work wrapped up early enough to include some play. We did the bike trail in Stowe this past weekend and the kids were very appreciative. 


stowe bike path  

stowe vermont summer 2017 

stowe summer 

They may have a few beer stops on that Stowe bike trail... I finally had some Sip Of Sunshine. 

lawson's sip of sunshine dipa 

Cycling is one of their favorite parts of summer in VT.

I also made a run up the street to Hill Farmstead to meet friends that also spend summer up here from Texas. Hill Farmstead was once again named Best Brewery in the World by Rate Beer.

best brewery in the world hill farmstead 2017 vermont 

It's good beer! twelve miles from our home...

Hill Farmstead Dharma Bum Ca 2017 greensboro vermont 

I had the kids help with work today. I rewarded them with tacos.

tacos greensboro vermont highland lodge 

highland lodge vermont greensboro taco 

highland lodge  vermont nek 


I won't complain about the tacos.... I will say they cost more than Taco Deli, are not as good as Taco Deli, and are smaller in portion than Taco Deli (and Torchy's). The taco making man was a bit surprised when he asked if we wanted "hot sauce" on any of the tacos. I was clear when I said "Yes, all of them". He was hesitant, stopped and looked me in the eye. I had to reassure him we did want the tacos spicy (picante), even the kids (tacos still weren't spicy). 

lazy lady farm cheese vermont 

we stopped at Wiley's store and got some Lazy Lady Farm cheese for an after taco dinner snack. That is really great cheese!

caspian lake greensboro vermont

The view over Caspian Lake on the way home tonight.  


June 18, 2017

Watercolor resort at Seaside Florida

I'll admit, I've not had many positive experiences in Florida. Our friends had rented a house at Watercolor (Seaside) Florida for a week. They convinced us to come spend a few nights with them. It was a nice area and the house was really nice. Of course our hosts were nice and we all had fun.

watercolor beach club florida 

watercolor florida beach 


watercolor beach club resort florida 




watercolor seaside santa rosa florida

Shooting off at Fort Bragg

We spent a couple days at Fort Bragg. We swam in the pool, explored some trails....we also played with the weapons.

ammunitions boy at fort bragg nc

#2 son could not get away from the gun range soon enough. He did NOT like it at all. 

daughter and her ammunitions

The daughter loaded up the magazine. 

shooting range at fort bragg guns

We had a few to play with. 

we love bacon 

I'm not certain what this is trying to say, but we did enjoy bacon for breakfast... 

cat's eye pub fells point baltimore md shirt 

fort bragg shooting range

That one gave a BIG KICK! 

9mm target practice fort bragg


daughter shoots riffle at fort bragg 

She did really well.  

fort bragg target practice 

Take that you target! 

green space park at fort bragg

We found this scenery from a seldom used trail on base.  

world of beer fayetteville nc wob 

We also celebrated a couple birthdays, one just passed and one is coming up. We celebrated both while we were all in the same place. Happy BIRTHDAY to my brother and my daughter.

birthday daughter 

June 12, 2017

Early June in Austin, it was a busy week...

The kids and I spent the night at a friend's lake house at Lake McQueeny. It was an ideal location with a pool perched over the lake. A boat and two jet ski were available for fun on the water.

lake mcqueeny 

lake mcqueeny tx 


#2 son said "I think this is going to be the BEST day of the whole summer!". This was his first time boating/tubing.  

lake mcqueeny texas 




We enjoyed lunch at the private lake club and went out on the jet ski in the afternoon.

jet ski lake mcqueeny 

jet ski lake mcqueeny tx 

We got up early the next day and went to Schlitterbahn. 

schlitterbahn 2017 

schlitterbahn premium cabana tv 

It was nice having a premium cabana, complete with table service and a TV. But #1 son was done with the water by lunch time and camped in there to watch TV. #2 son wanted more water fun, so we spent another couple hours swimming.  

torent river schlitterbahn 2017 

texas biennial 2017 potluck austin

Kat and I attended the Rooftop Potluck for the Texas Biennial at the Contemporary Art Museum. We shared a table with some fun people. I explained the potluck rule "You can't complain about it, if you didn't have to pay for it!".

Alimentari28 Alimentari 28 italian bakery opening 

Then, we went to the Alimentari 28 soft opening party. It's attached to Numero 28. The food was all so good we decided to purchase some to take home. NOPE! "these are for display only", so disappointed. We did enjoy the wine and food they provided at no cost. I certainly won't complain about free... I'll definitely go back.

Numero28 & Alimentari28 

Italian Craft beer... really.  

mylar bags beer other half full moon 2017 austin tx 

We enjoyed our LAST Mylar Bags from Other Half with a full moon on our deck.  

Taylor Muse Quiet Company Winflow 2017 listen 

Kat and I saw Taylor Muse of Quiet Company at the Winflow listening room in their basement.


Friends from Dallas/Shreveport came and stayed with us for the weekend.  

uchiko 2017  

We had sushi at both Uchiko (shown above), and Chinatown (below)

jorge chinatown sushi austin  

Both were excellent.  

hula hut mexican martini in a pint glass?

A.A. mentioned that she was not familiar with Mexican Martini. We were near Hula Hut so we stopped by to grab one and soak up the lake view. THIS is NOT a real Mexican Martini. I can no longer recommend it.  

Scot mentioned La Condesa, so we left Hula Hut and went for a better margarita.

la condesa margarita 

TRACE W Hotel Austin restaurant 

Kat and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at TRACE (W Hotel) before we took our seats at the Moody Theater for Sigur Ros.

sigur ros at moody theater acl live austin  2017 

They were not the best seats. But we were happy to have them and not have to pay a scalper a huge mark up.  

That was a lot for one week... I feel like I need a vacation from Summer. I'm exhausted. 


June 05, 2017

the BIG spark!

The big event around here this week was lightning! It was a big strike and Kat did scream. Power was out for a good nine hours. I was able to get most of the electrical things back on line. We still have a few outlets out. Some of the back yard lighting is not working as well. Not sure if it's the power supply or the LED fixtures themselves (some work fine, most are dead, and one strobes). It could have been a lot worse. None of the computers or stereo components were damaged.

power outage 78746 west lake hills

This transformer at our property line was off.  

water beads close up  

(BIG)  I had repainted all the deck railing this past week. The big rain made nice water beads on the fresh paint.

I also got some time lapse of the clouds as the storm cleared the area.


The Daughter had received an Uchi/Uchiko gift card from the school for graduation.


uchiko austin 

The three of us also attended a Class of 2017 party on a houseboat docked on Lake Travis.  

lake travis house boat marina lakeway 

lake travis houseboat jump 

lake travis mud shark houseboat jumper 

The graduates did a lot of leaping from the roof of the boat.  

paul schuster