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the BIG spark!

The big event around here this week was lightning! It was a big strike and Kat did scream. Power was out for a good nine hours. I was able to get most of the electrical things back on line. We still have a few outlets out. Some of the back yard lighting is not working as well. Not sure if it's the power supply or the LED fixtures themselves (some work fine, most are dead, and one strobes). It could have been a lot worse. None of the computers or stereo components were damaged.

power outage 78746 west lake hills

This transformer at our property line was off.  

water beads close up  

(BIG)  I had repainted all the deck railing this past week. The big rain made nice water beads on the fresh paint.

I also got some time lapse of the clouds as the storm cleared the area.


The Daughter had received an Uchi/Uchiko gift card from the school for graduation.


uchiko austin 

The three of us also attended a Class of 2017 party on a houseboat docked on Lake Travis.  

lake travis house boat marina lakeway 

lake travis houseboat jump 

lake travis mud shark houseboat jumper 

The graduates did a lot of leaping from the roof of the boat.  

paul schuster  


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