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Shooting off at Fort Bragg

We spent a couple days at Fort Bragg. We swam in the pool, explored some trails....we also played with the weapons.

ammunitions boy at fort bragg nc

#2 son could not get away from the gun range soon enough. He did NOT like it at all. 

daughter and her ammunitions

The daughter loaded up the magazine. 

shooting range at fort bragg guns

We had a few to play with. 

we love bacon 

I'm not certain what this is trying to say, but we did enjoy bacon for breakfast... 

cat's eye pub fells point baltimore md shirt 

fort bragg shooting range

That one gave a BIG KICK! 

9mm target practice fort bragg


daughter shoots riffle at fort bragg 

She did really well.  

fort bragg target practice 

Take that you target! 

green space park at fort bragg

We found this scenery from a seldom used trail on base.  

world of beer fayetteville nc wob 

We also celebrated a couple birthdays, one just passed and one is coming up. We celebrated both while we were all in the same place. Happy BIRTHDAY to my brother and my daughter.

birthday daughter 

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