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January 26, 2015

Tom Sachs at the Contemporary (AMOA)

We joined the other art museum this year... attended our first exhibit opening party for members and it was fun.

Tom Sachs: Boombox Retrospective 1999-2015
January 24th, 2015 - April 19th, 2015
The Contemporary Austin

tom sachs contemporary austin

the following three pics are all of the same piece... it's a suitcase with a tape player inside,

tom sachs boombox  

tom sachs austin museum of art 

there is a slot where you could insert your hand in a glove to reach into the case and play one of the tapes (if you were allowed to touch, touching was not allowed and the docents were busy telling people to quit trying to listen from the headphones). The side of the box had a slot (below) for "good cassettes only" 

good cassettes only 

dj potus bong tom sachs art 

DJ POTUS Bong stand.... not shown was the guy in a plexi-glass stand selling an assortment of items including cheez whiz, condoms, deodorant and Vaseline, chewing gum...   

big speaker art tom sachs 

rooftop party contemporary museum austin 

The party had three open bars and a delicious food buffet for members. Along with a live DJ on the roof, so far, we like this membership.

And in other news....  

austin hike and bike trail auditorium shores 

#2 son can ride. He can be quite confident. He followed his brother to the top of this hill (below). Then they raced down...  

bulter park bump austin  

Meanwhile I'm yelling biking tips such as "slow down, you're going TOO FAST!, USE YOUR BRAKES". All my advice was dismissed as a nuisance and I saw the near collision at the bottom, #2 son suddenly realized slowing was a good idea that he'd surely come upon on his own, so at a high rate of speed he dropped one foot to the pavement, promptly stopping one side of him and launching himself off the bike and over the stopped foot. He landed on the palms of his hands, she screamed like he was being attacked. His parents, both concerned and frustrated ran to his aide. But as promptly as he'd ejected himself from his bike, he got back on and rode away... I resumed my yelling about slowing down and using brakes... 

He disputes any advice or tips his parents try to share. I later asked him, "Why are you so argumentative about everything?". He responded "I am NOT!" I had nothing more to say...    


January 20, 2015

A Culinary tour of Austin

My brother was down to two days until he was due back at work (Army). We used the time to sample many different foods (and a few beverages) Austin has to offer.  

mulberry happy hour austin wine bar

Happy Hour at Mulberry , #2 son had not yet achieved happiness...

la condesa austin

There we go, he's happy now! Happy Hour at La Condesa 

la condesa modern mexican austin bar happy hour 

One request from the brother, Chips and Salsa! He's not satisfied with the "Mexican food" available in Hawaii. La Condesa delivered the chips and salsa as well as a guacamole sampler.

elotes la condesa austin 

army guy at sway thai food austin

Modern Thai food lunch at Sway

bar area at LaV austin french happy hour 

Happy Hour at LaV 

lav austin cocktail with earl gray vodka 

LaV pate austin french food 

Then we stepped over to Qui 

qui austin cocktail justin elliot 

Justin Elliot heads the bar program over at Qui, that was one special cocktail.  

caviar chia seeeds cocktail 

We also ate some food item that involved pig blood... it was good. Will need to return with the wife to share more about the food.  

qui austin bar 

takoba cantina late night happy hour till 9 

Takoba Cantina has a late night Happy Hour. 

We also managed to fit in a trip to the Salt Lick (driftwood) and Duchman Winery..... that was a busy couple of days and I've got a few more trips to the gym to work it off.   

and then the brother flew away... and now he's back in Hawaii where it's always 80 (it's currently almost 80 degrees here too, gotta love Austin winters. We get cold weather that doesn't over stay its welcome) 

austin cotillion 

and in other weekly happenings... #1 son has started cotillion, he's in the Junior Assembly this year. 

godley estate sale 

and my Dad called explaining they'd listed their house for sale, and they had a contract within a few days. They don't plan to buy another home... so we got busy selling off most of everything they own, an estate sale. I helped rip all the decorative stuffs off the walls (and they had a lot of decorative stuff on their walls) and people bought stuff as soon as we could get it out of the house. The bed I'd slept on... it was all sold and hauled away.... the table where we've enjoyed the last three Christmas meals... I helped a guy load it into his truck, strangers will be dining at that table about now.... I hauled back whatever family heirlooms and some other stuff using my old utility traler.

eastate sale godley texas  

how i felt hat and bike accident 

Finally, #2 son taught himself to ride his bike. He's been super motivated ever since he received an invite to go riding with a classmate (girl). The busted lip is the only casualty. I should also mention the hat is his design, made by my mother (she makes and sells felt hats).   

January 12, 2015

Alpine Cheese Fondue and Hefeweizen challenge round two

Alpine Cheese Fondue:

alpine cheese fondue

We often find ourselves with a bit of extra Alpine cheese. I decided to make a cheese fondue. I considered buying a fondue set, but then I found a really nice one on craigslist, near, and only $5!  

guitar string crown 

(She made that headband /crown from one of her used guitar strings) 

cheese fondue 

The fondue was fun... but I don't think it makes a meal or will be something we do frequently. I prefer my Hoch Y Brig un-melted.


I'm not sure the broccoli worked well in the fondue. 

Local Hefewiezen blind tasting, round two: Live Oak vs NXNW 

hefeweizeb kive iak vs north by northwest nxnw 

Kat's favorite beer is the Hefeweizen from North by Northwest (NXNW). I like it as well, but I have a slight preference for the Live Oak Hefeweizen... we sourced a growler of each for yet another side by side blind tasting. My mom doesn't drink beer, so she did the pouring. My brother is unfamiliar with either so he offered a new perspective. 

austin hefeweizen challenge 

Kat and I easily determined that glass B was the NXNW, and Kat proclaimed it the winner after a few sips. My brother followed her in that decision. I could tell which was which, but can't proclaim a preference for one over the other.  

texas chili (no beans) 

Beer goes well with Texas chili (no beans, no ground beef) 


after dinner flying orb fun by the fire.

boston terrier chases laser dot marvin 

Marvin will chase that red laser dot all day and all night. 

pussy cat tuxedo 

Kay-so doesn't mind being held when it's so cold outside.  

January 08, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014/15 (a week late)

Let's go back in time...  to 12-31-2014 ...6 PM

army dude preps cheese plate 

The brother laid out all the cheeses we brought back from Dallas.

mystery cheese from molto formaggio dallas 

My new favorite is the Sweet Caroline from Lazy Lady Farm (VT). Note the "Mystery" cheese... the cheese monger at Molto Formaggio (Highland Park, TX) didn't label the cheese... Ugh.

We were in for a late evening. I figured the best way to pace ourselves would be to break the meals and drinks into courses, not serving it all at once.

champagne and gin cocktail? 

with the sting of the champagne and gin cocktail over indulgence during the Quiet Co. party still fresh in my memory... sure, I'll try one... but I'm pacing myself tonight! 

late harvest torrontes 

The brother had picked up a delightful late harvest Torrontes from the Molto Formaggio sale area.

great posture with pearls 

The daughter dressed up for staying home. She looked lovely.


Kat squished up a few GF while I prepped the soup and salad course.

roasted red pepper soup with cheese crisp 

Roasted Red Pepper soup with a cheese crisp and salad.

king crab leg

King Crab Leg course with a French Chablis wine.

sparkler course  

The Early Sparkler portion of the evening...


Yes, it is safer to watch from indoors. Sparklers are scary.

salmon confit 

Salmon three ways course; salmon confit with fennel, salmon with sriracha and citrus glaze, and white miso ginger salmon.

rack of lamb 

Rack of lamb with mushroom gravy course...

lamb chop from rack 

Everything turned out well, the sous vide takes most of the credit as it removes a lot of stress. I used it to cook the lamb and the salmon.

11:59 PM Dec 31st 2014

right foot forward new years 

She wanted to start the new year on the Right Foot.... waiting.... and.... Midnight!

right foot forward new year 

and it's now 2015

cheers to 2015 

the obligatory glass of Champagne. 

sparklers on new years eve  

a final round of sparklers. 

sparkler light writing 

even #2 son mustered the courage to wield a sparkler.

happy new year 2015 

darla's bubbles and hangover party 2015 

We woke up on 2015 to yet another cold weather event. But we did manage to make an appearance at Darla's annual Hangover and Bubbles New Years Day party.  We came without hangovers.

We had done a great job pacing ourselves on New Year's Eve. It was an accomplishment worth celebrating. And we did it with Bubbles.    


January 07, 2015

Dallas, day 2... with more coldness (and wind)

Day 2 in Dallas. A cold front came through, we were not prepared for cold weather. We started the day by visiting our favorite cheese shops

molto formaggio cheese shop dallas

Molto Formaggio 

molto formaggio dallas chese shop highland park shopping village 

rolf beeler cheeses 

grange hall restaurant dallas 

We had lunch at a fancy new restaurant hidden in an upscale gift shop, The Grange Hall (restaurant). I was nervous about the kids playing with the table settings, but I got over it.  

grange hall restaurant dallas 

yelp high roller grange hall dallas 

Gruner Veltliner helped ease my anxiety.  

grange hall restaurant dallas 

and the food was delicious. 

grange hall dallas knox henderson 

grange hall restaurant dallas 

All fueled up by a good lunch, we caught some interesting culture at the DMA.  

isa genzken dallas museum of art dma 

isa genzken dma dallas art 

levitation in the dma isa genzken 

kids at the dallas museum of art dma 

mcm chairs at the dma dallas  


dma mosaic 

hawaiian dude in the cold dallas winter 

the dude lives in Hawaii... but none of us were enjoying the cold temps and high winds. 

so we did what we needed to stay warm... ducked into Savor  

savor gastropub dallas 

We had dinner at FT33 (no pics, food was good enough). One thing I observed at FT33, fine dining restaurants are filled with a much older crowd in Dallas than they are in Austin. (old money town and new tech money town?) 

meddlesome moth dallas gastropub 

and still one of our favorites in Dallas, the Meddlesome Moth. I think this was the highlight of the evening.

karen thinks about the beer at meddlesome moth dallas  

Our friend Karen was thinking about all the choices she has ahead of her. 

Wimberley House Haul-Away (January shiners at the river)

The brother is still on leave from the Army.  

phil schuster 

It was a sunny mid 60 degree day in January. We did the only reasonable thing we could think of, enjoy a few Shiners down at the river. Not really, I had a meeting with my hauling guy and he ran late (hours late). I have a stash of cold Shiner down there, so we grabbed a couple and applied them to the Blanco River while we waited.

phil schuster blanco river january 2015 


wimberley fire pit 

The hauling guy showed up a few minutes after 4 PM (1600 for you military types). Our patio was now in the shade so we enjoyed a fire while we watched the last of the old house grappled, stuffed and hauled off. 

wimberley hauling tripple w 

house no more 

I've got a few appliances for the scrap guy to collect, and a small pile of wood to burn. But for the most part, the old house is now gone. Time to focus on rebuilding.