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Tom Sachs at the Contemporary (AMOA)

We joined the other art museum this year... attended our first exhibit opening party for members and it was fun.

Tom Sachs: Boombox Retrospective 1999-2015
January 24th, 2015 - April 19th, 2015
The Contemporary Austin

tom sachs contemporary austin

the following three pics are all of the same piece... it's a suitcase with a tape player inside,

tom sachs boombox  

tom sachs austin museum of art 

there is a slot where you could insert your hand in a glove to reach into the case and play one of the tapes (if you were allowed to touch, touching was not allowed and the docents were busy telling people to quit trying to listen from the headphones). The side of the box had a slot (below) for "good cassettes only" 

good cassettes only 

dj potus bong tom sachs art 

DJ POTUS Bong stand.... not shown was the guy in a plexi-glass stand selling an assortment of items including cheez whiz, condoms, deodorant and Vaseline, chewing gum...   

big speaker art tom sachs 

rooftop party contemporary museum austin 

The party had three open bars and a delicious food buffet for members. Along with a live DJ on the roof, so far, we like this membership.

And in other news....  

austin hike and bike trail auditorium shores 

#2 son can ride. He can be quite confident. He followed his brother to the top of this hill (below). Then they raced down...  

bulter park bump austin  

Meanwhile I'm yelling biking tips such as "slow down, you're going TOO FAST!, USE YOUR BRAKES". All my advice was dismissed as a nuisance and I saw the near collision at the bottom, #2 son suddenly realized slowing was a good idea that he'd surely come upon on his own, so at a high rate of speed he dropped one foot to the pavement, promptly stopping one side of him and launching himself off the bike and over the stopped foot. He landed on the palms of his hands, she screamed like he was being attacked. His parents, both concerned and frustrated ran to his aide. But as promptly as he'd ejected himself from his bike, he got back on and rode away... I resumed my yelling about slowing down and using brakes... 

He disputes any advice or tips his parents try to share. I later asked him, "Why are you so argumentative about everything?". He responded "I am NOT!" I had nothing more to say...    


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